Herman - Sketchbook

Hello all, here are some images from a personal project. I am trying to migrate all my modeling to zbrush, things I would usually do in 3dsmax.

Some stuff still feels a bit easier in max but modeling with zmodeler is pure joy, even if it sometimes takes a while to figure out how to do things : )
But when you do it is so fun and effective, thanks for ZModeler Pixologic, polymodeling have never been more fun and exciting!

So here they are, modeled in zbrush and rendered with keyshot.







The result is just stunning, congratulation on this model! :slight_smile:

Very nice! can you give us a shot of the zmodeler polyframes (lo/high)…please :smiley: ? great job on this!

Sweet! I’m also used to modeling in max, so it’s always interesting to see how effectively hard-surface can be done in zbrush! Would you say it’s faster once you get used to it? One problem I have with zmodeler is how it naturally leans towards box-modeling, whereas I’m more of a shift-extrude edges kind of guy.

Awesome piece.

nicely done. It can get addicting when you find the workflow with ZModeler. :slight_smile:

Everything was modeled in ZB? Stunning result! Can you say how did you managed to get so clean numbers?

Wow. Impressive! Congrats on being featured in Top Row!

Even on a specialized hard surface modeling program this would be quite a task. My respect to both you and ZModeler.

BTW, I love the slight smudge effect on the bottom of the watch; it adds a subtle but effective touch of realism to the render.

Thank you all for the very, very nice feedback : )

@skinnybonez: attaching some low polyframe images.

@nagulov: I think it is alot faster. The combination of actions and targets gives access to very powerful combinations.
And adding the transpose tool and the regular brushes like move, clip and slice you get even more powerful polymodeling tools.
I agree with You on the shift-extrude though, that is one thing i frequently miss and have to find workaround ways to do.

@gabo1991: Alot of my workflow comes straight from you, thanks alot!

@nezumi: Yes, all ZB, that was my challenge this time. The numbers are masked Extractions that I dynameshed and polished some.

And Top Row, guess my bucket list just got shorter : )


Gj - hope they push zmodeler further <:

wow…thanks for the polyframe shots Astrid!! and CONGRATS on top row!!! Beautiful work and precision! :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

That’s so clean! Very inspiring work.

@TimK Thanks and I am sure they will push it further and beyond, as they always do : )
This is only the first version of ZModeler and it is already, in my opinion, the best option for almost all polymodeling tasks.

@skinnybonez No problem and thank you : )

@wilwells Thanks alot : )

Excellent use of the ZModeler! :+1:

Thank you : )

Beautiful work !
could you explain how you did they type, in particular the numbers on the edge so cleanly?
Wow really an amazing use of Zbrush

Thanks alot!
I will give it a try to explain how I did that part. With some screengrabs : )

-Build low poly

-Unwrap and adjust uv with UV Master

-Subdivide to get enough polys

-Import and apply hi-res Texture Map(created based on UVs)


-Mask By Color(Intensity)

-Subtool extract(Double)

-Dynamesh main part and merge down with extraction as subtraction and then Re-dynamesh

-And finally some Polish by groups to clean it up some.

I hope that answers Your question : )


Thank you for that very detailed explanation.
The spirit of cooperation and sharing on this board is really a gift for those of us trying to learn this complex program

thank you again for your time.

Great work!

Thanks for the explanation! I just bought ZBrush a few days ago and the last time I even used it was in 2008 (Academic Version). A lot has changed! I am a 3DS kind of guy also but now that I own this flat out, it looks like I have some catching up to do. You have obviously mastered some very useful techniques, thanks again for sharing.

BTW was this rendered in keyshot?

Thank you all :slight_smile: And yes, it was rendered in Keyshot.