Hercules The Legendary Journey

Skin color with wax

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Closeup on the face with skin color and wax.

Lowpoly with AO and Normal bakes and wireframe.



Substance Painter texturing , first the boots.

Right gauntlet closeups

Left gauntlet closeups

Some more closeups

Some more Painter closeups.


No shirt preview

Xgen hair preview in Maya.

Some more Maya Xgen viewport renders.


Lighting & shadows.


Some tests in the latest version of Marmoset, the denoiser is great, reminds me of the denoiser in V-ray.
The final renders will be done in Unreal Engine 5, the Marmoset version doesn’t support UDIM’s so i had to apply a new material for each UDIM for the body, it also doesn’t support Xgen Alembic Hair and im using temporary eyes.

Another issue with Marmoset is that because the body was set up using UDIM’s, even though i applied a new material for each UDIM, when i turn raytracing on i get darker seam lines.

Unreal Engine 5 renders with sculpted hair.


Unreal Engine 5 renders with Xgen Alembic hair.
A note using Xgen Alembic hair in Unreal Engine, most of the process was research and troubleshooting problems and after a week of fixing issues there were 2 i couldn’t fix due to lack of documentation, the normals on short hairs were hard and the tangents were broken( tried everything i could think of and nothing fixed the issue) and the last issue was getting the V value for the hair length direction in order to add a tube effect on the instance hairs. I hope the workflow will be improved and those issues will be addressed, it is cool to have a high resolution character with full UDIM support, complex skin materials & custom materials and fully dynamic hair that can be simulated completely running in realtime although on my pc it runs kind slowly but for renders it’s great. I could of optimized the model( now it’s more a game cinematic character than a videogame character) and i could of reduced the haircount and added LOD’s but for my needs this is enough.
Next step will be to rig & skin this guy, create the base and finally pose and simulate the hair with a wind blowing the hair.


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What a handsome person. with a name like my favorite ice-cream.
That is a lot of work and it looks great! I invested $$$$ in Unity years ago, now everything’s free. (your welcome) but I just might have to start learning Unreal because of the Quixel thing.
Oh what gods we’ve become building our little cg puppets.

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Since I created Hercules does that make me Zeus?
Seriously though thanks, yep lots of work but it’s the best way to evolve, even harder making everything from scratch, no basemeshes, no scans and no solvers to really force me to make everything. I’ve learned a lot with this character and now I need to do the last things on him. Unreal is really great, having UDIMs, complex skin materials & custom materials and fully dynamic hair( so happy I no longer need to do haircards) that can be simulated, all in real-time, no longer we need to wait for renders.

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Tweaked the eyelashes & peach fuzz and started the rigging process.

Forgot to post the highpoly turntables so here they are

Maya viewport Xgen preview