Hercules The Legendary Journey

Hi everyone, for around a year i’ve been working on this character and it’s getting close to being finished so i will be posting it here.
Growing up one of my favorite TV shows was Hercules The Legendary Journey, i used to watch that show religiously so i decided to recreated the main protagonist Hercules played by Kevin Sorbo. For this project just like other personal projects i always try to improve my workflow and to test new techniques so for this one i decided to try out UDIMS, to get better at Xgen, to try out the Wrap program and some other stuff. I also wanted to make everything from scratch, that means no basemeshes( i made a basemesh a long time ago so i wanted to start from scratch and update it), no scans and no solvers. This really forced me to create the primary forms, secondary forms, tertiary and small details since the actual character was created from spheres. With my previous Vigo character i wanted to do haircards and render the final videogame version in Marmoset, this time i decided to use Xgen for full on hairs and to bring that and render the final version in Unreal Engine.
I also recorded the entire process which i hope to transform into a full tutorial, more on that soon after i do a lot of editing.
I will prepare the rest of the images and post them here soon.



Highpoly body sculpted from 2 spheres( head & body).

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The back.


Thanks for sharing @icemanmodeler looking forward to see it posed to give it life.

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Sure thing @Jaime , this image shows the basic process for the hair, head & body.

Closer view of the front.

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Closer view of the back

Closer view.

Face closeup bald

Closeup with the hair.

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Zbrush color version

Upperbody no shirt colored clothes.

Closeups on the clothing details

Closeup on the hands

Gauntlets closeups