Hec's Sketchbook and WIPs

Hi there,

First thread here in zb central. Been working on some models on and off for some time now. I’m trying to finish some of them, others may just stay as they are or get redone from scratch… so I’m just sharing them and I’m open to crits, opinions, and suggestions on where to take some of them and what I should work more on in general. Here we go…

Abuelo (my grandfather):

Al Swearengen (from HBOs Deadwood):

Joker and Harley:

Wanda (character from Imaginary Friends Studios):




Picked up my joker model and played around with some colors… still adjusting the proportions and details too.


Started doodling some basic bodies in 2d a while back and now I’m starting to try them out in 3d.

Here’s the first one based on the second guy in the sheet. Still messing with it.BaseBod.jpg

Cool stuff man, surprised no one’s commented. :smiley: Keep churning the stuff out, you seem to be improving all the time!

Some really really nice sculpts going on. I love the Joker. Only problem is the anatomy of his back. His lats seemed to be missing pieces of muscle. Other than that i could not see anything else that needed more attention. The stitched suit on Harley is really really good.

You obviously have a lot of talent, dont stop using it!

nice modelss man!!! wainting for updates…great workss

Damn Good stuff man, your anatomy is great. My favorite is joker, got so much potential, id love to see him with hair like the pics, the one thing you need to work on all around is posing, POSE EM!! You got some great models, just that everyone has seen the T-Pose to death. I bet Wanda would look great in one of her poses.

Thanx for the comments guys. At the moment I’m doing lots of 2d work but soon I’ll get back to more 3d.

antsin3d - thanx for commenting and hopefully I’ll be able to update soon, stay tunned.

DAnconia - thanx for the comments. I’m definitelly gonna work on those back muscles, they bug me too as they are.

guhhh - thanx man. :slight_smile:

aiman - thank you and you’re damb right about the posing. Hopefully I’ll get around to doing that soon. I’m also gonna try some statue style sculpts, fully posed and specifically sculpted for the pose.

Also noticed a while back that I uploaded the thumbnail for this image, but not the full image so here it is, I’m planning to finish an in-game version of him just for fun:


Would really love to see you start posing some of these characters. You can do a lot really fast with TransPose, and thanks to TransPose Master you can even pose characters with multiple subtools.

Long time, just a quick update, I still don’t have my main computer with me so I’m not doing much 3d at the moment, but soon I’ll be wrapping up more of these projects and posing some of the models. Thanx for your comments and the tips aurick, I’ll start posing some of these and posting them soon. :slight_smile:

This is a character I finished recently for fun and practice. Around 8k polys and uses one 2k texture. Based on Laura Prepon (Donna) from that 70s show. I’ll post more images of her and other stuff soon.



Here is a recent model I’m working on, Cammy from SF. I’m going for a similar take to the one in the upcoming SF 4 and a mixture of Capcom concept art I like… I’m still detailing some of the meshes like the hair and boots. C & Cs welcome.


Amazing work. Can you share with us your workflow? Base mesh created outside of zbrush? Low poly and taken care of uvs prior to zbrush?
Is all texturing done in zbrush?


Struggled some with deciding whether to revive and continue this sketchbook or too let it die and start a new one… the old pieces are really old and kinda embarrassing, but it’s part of how I learned and I’m still learning so screw it. I’m picking up where I left this sketchbook off.

Here’s a piece I’ve been reworking and polishing. It started as a contest entry for a forum that had a Marvel Tribute going on. I barely finished the pose and completely botched up the render. This is my attempt at salvaging the piece. I’d love to get into collectibles one day and make larger statues. My experience with miniatures might help for that… we’ll see I guess.

Here this goes:

Basic Unposed Spidey, proportions and style based on Joe Mad’s Marvel works.


Test renders…




Maybe I’ll polish it up some more still and see if I can pitch it to a collectibles company. I’ve seen some of the official statues of Spidey out there right now and I’m a bit disapointed on what’s out there… maybe I can get this piece to a level where it could be viable as an official thing, would be nice.




Spidey & Cammy = AWESOME! Keep up the great work.:+1:

Nice work on Spiderman! What techniques did you use for creating the black webbing all over the body? Curves or polypaint with masking and extract maybe or something else? Also, you may want to look at the back muscles around the scapular/latissimus dorsi/teres major area a bit more, as it feels a little off right now. What render method was used on this guy too if you don’t mind? Thanks Hector!


Hi truubluu - Thanx.

jderiggi - I first tried polypaint, but I needed lots of subdivs for a clean enough line and my comp started choking on that… I then tried curves but I’m either too clumsy with them still or they still need a bit of optimizing. I ended up using topogun which allowed me to trace the webbing exactly at the width and frequency I wanted and easily modifiable, took a bit of planning to get a line from the head to make its way across the shoulder and to the hand, but it was the method that offered me all the control I wanted. I kept that topogun trace basic and flat as far as topology.

Once the topogun trace of the webbing was to my liking I tested it in zbrush, I made it stick to the body with project all and took it to maya to be extruded. Could be the dumbest most complicated method to do this, but I was happy with the results and couldn’t find a better way. For posing I did it with masking and transpose master, which might have gone better with a zsphere rig since I ended up correcting and adjusting the hell out of the webbing to get it to look right on the posed body… I guess I goofed it. Regarding the renders… the colored one is polypainted and rendered in zbrush, the gray render is done in keyshot with one of their default hdr images and a shinny plastic. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info man! Good stuff!


Hi there, here’s a couple of characters I’ve been working on and off during work gaps.

This guy is for a personal project that will be fairly stylized. I’ve already got a low poly with a really nice rig done by a friend of mine on it, I’m aiming to put him up for sale on asset stores when he’s fully polished and ready:


This guy is on the opposite end of the style spectrum I guess. I wanna make him realistic as possible, he’s got too much muscle and not enough fat still, and some of the anatomy might need correcting, but I have similar aims for him. I’ll put him up on asset shops when he’s ready:


C n Cs welcome on him since I’d like to get him just right.



Here’s the mini I’m currently working on… it’s the first full body male character I make for Kingdom Death. I’ve made armor kits before for males and also additional male heads, but hadn’t made a full male character from scratch for them, so far it had all been chicks. He’s got an 80s anime thing going on, it’s basically a throwback homage deal.




The anatomical study is pretty solid actually.
The only part begging for some corrections are the legs, really.

In the calves’ twins the inner one is the longer one, with the lower head sitting much lower down the leg (due to the tendon, the mass itself is only a smidge lower than the outer twin), and in front of the shin the Tibialis Anterior (the muscle going down the shin) tends to create a diagonal line across the tibia rather than going down the bone straight.
Hamstrings probably just need a bit of work as they seem more sketched than the rest.

Quads in front are right, but the central part (rectus femoralis) sits lower and separates the other two parts more.

Back is pretty good as is, but at that level of body fat the separation on the scapulas would be more prominent (you have a bodybuilder fat level out of competition there, probably 7%, judging from the abs, the back of the shoulders would already show separation at 11%, and the shoulders (Deltoids) would show more striation even sooner.

Abs, chest, arms and general proportions are very well balanced, wouldn’t change much if you detail further.