Head Study

Hello, havent had that much time to work on this as I hoped.

Jim, I really like your idea with the wine glass, and I will try to find some time to make an image like that, however right now I will concentrate on the head.

Here is what I have at the moment. I skipped hair due to hair plugin autorization issues (and I want to do this quickly!) so I’ve mostly been trying a lot of different “hat” designs and I kinda like this egyptian style, a bit cleopatra over it!
I also worked some more on the textures and shading, as well as some very small model tweaks.

Let me know what you think.


that wine glass idea is great. she could sit like sharon stone in that one movie.

nice job with the egyptian looking thing dude. hot

love it subdiv,

Can you please shed some light on your shader and skin setup. Although this is a Zbrush forum, i also requested on the fast skin thread at cg. The help would be much appreciated.

I first noticed your project by seeing an earlier work in progress in the thumbnail gallery. I said to myself, “That looks like Natalie Portman,” so I assure you that you had the likeness very well even for someone who hadn’t yet been clued in to what you were trying to do.

I’m inspired to do a likeness now.

Hello Jonas,

It’s really natalie…

May I ask you that the wireframes you’ve posted are the cage suitable for games, or it’s a subdivided cage. The second question is about the skin shader. Could you share your modifications? It’s really realistic. The second question is about the eyes…Have you used SSS onb them?


I’m going to go out on limb, and say that the eyes, and at least parts of the skin are projected. Am I right?

Here are the diffrent textures used for the skin as requested.
I use the mentalray SSS shader, however I have tweaked the specular and reflection part of the shader to get more control and speed it up (it uses Mib_Glossy_reflection for refelction for example).
The shader settings are pretty default, the big exception is maybe the gamma curve that I have set to 1 and I have diffuse, epidermal and subdermis set to 0.5 each (5 in maya), and some other smaller changes.

wierdPal: what do you mean with projection? I do use Zbrush Pojection Master when I do my textures, if thats what you mean, but Im only use that as a base for my final textures.
For these textures I had to do a lot of repainting to get rid of specularity and to add the details needed for the resolution I wanted (8k) due to the fact that there is really hard to find good quality images from the same time and with good lighting conditions.
Especially the eyes, nose and the mouth area needs to be painted by hand, for the forehead and cheeks you usually just need to flatten the texture out and get rid of specular.
The eye is made out of 2 different objects: the inner one uses a SSS material with the texture and there is nothing special about it, the outer one uses a Mib_glossy_reflection/refraction material and it is only to capture specularity/reflections and to blur/distort the inner object.
I’ve been doing photoreal humans for DearAnne now for almost 2 years, its starting to become second nature to me! :wink:
But still, I have to say Natalies face was really hard to capture.




Heya Jonas-man, the render http://www.zbrushcentral.com/zbc/attachment.php?attachmentid=23994 is really great…I love it:+1:

Oh, and here is the eyelashes texture. Eyelashes are realy important since they chnage the eyes completely. Usually I do them using a hair solution such as ornatrix, but in this case I decided to paint a texture for them, more to speed things up a bit (the hair solution always requires a lot more sampling to look good). I will also add a thin piece of liquid geometry between the eye balls and the eye lid to blend those lines toghether and to catch that little extra specular and to give the eyes a little more life. In general I think I need to work a little more on the eyes.

Jester: as for the mesh beeing suitable for games… well, it is 4000 triangles (around 2000 polys). I was going towards 4000 head, 1000 hair and around 5000 body/clothes bringing the final number up to 10000 triangles for a character. Sounds okay to me for a next gen console game, but it of course depends on the type of game and the engine.
Here Im displacing the object at rendertime and in a game engine it would be parralaxed or normal mapped but the end results should be similar.
The wire frame image is of the cage mesh.

Now all this is not very zbrush related anymore! I hope its okay with the mods…


Jonas the skin texturing is very impressive. Thanks for the breakdown on the skin shader The likeness is very convincing but something looks like it might need tweaking, position wise. I’m not 100% sure what it is. I’m thinking maybe her eyes need to be lowered and spaced out by a fraction. :+1: :+1: Great work

Greta job, thanks for sharing your texturing workflow- looks great with the headress!

Since I’m still pretty new to zBrush and workflows, I’ve been wracking my brain trying to figure out if it is better to model the the figure 1st in zBrush using the zSpheres and then the clothes added in an external software then back to zBrush for more details?–Or start a complicated figure with clothes outside then use zBrush only to detail? I don’t like to add “bones” and was hoping to pose in zBrush using the zSphere method. Which would you suggest?

Thanks Jonas,

A great help you have been. Keep up the wicked work.

Another excellent head study.Great work so far.
I think u could experiment with rim light to the right but its awesome as is.

NICE WIRE!!! Real nice!

Hi all

I would need to know other tool o the right way to use “multimarkers option” because I need to add eyes without losing the zsphere model, and then, when finished, I could put it in the position I like.

I have used zbrush no much time and I don’t know very well how to use this kind of programs. I know it can be done as I have seen in “AnglerMovie_Full” video, where a fish is modeled, and I don’t know which keyborad shortcut is used.

Help me, please! I have spent a lot of time in this but I don’t get it yet.

The video is:
http://pixologic.com/zbrush/class/artaction.html (the fish one)

Thank you all. x)

Regarding last post:
The thing you may play with is tilting her head down just enough so that the top edge of Pupil is tangent to her upper lid.
This will relax her gaze ever so slightly. No change to geometry is needed.
Looks great.

This is exceptional work! Likenesses are impossible especially of beautiful young women. I am extremely impressed with this and have been extremely impressed with your other beautiful posts on this forum. You are an amazing talent can’t wait to see more .Keep up the outstanding work.

Very nice!
tres jolie

The likeness is unreal! Great work!