Head Study

Took some time to do some personal stuff over christmas, I wanted to take some of what I have learned lately and create a new lowres head cage suitable for nextgen game platforms while still beeing nice to paint on in zbrush and that deforms well in animation…
So far Im pleased with how it works and its a real joy to paint on. As for the model, there are still some anatomical issues and likness I need to work on but for this test it is less important but I’d be happy to hear any critiques you might have!

I also tried projecting textures in zbrush using 3d planes and I really like it.
However since it projects in “document size” it is very hard to keep finer details so I only used it for a base and painted the rest in photoshop, as usual.

Will post some more images/wires later on.

I hope you are all having a great holiday!




Very nice!

Excellent work as usualy Subdiv,

There is something slightly odd with her nose but its not your model but something odd with the real Natalie’s nose. I did some digging around the net and I found this. Looks like she might have had a nose job: :wink:


You managed to match it real well and I recognized the face immediately. Is this a similar skin shader you’ve used in the past? The eyes are excellent as well.

Keep up the good work,

great work as always !

your site is fantastic, congrats :+1:

what do you use for 3D sw ?

Hello SubDivMe - this is quite an acceptional piece of modelling, thanks for sharing your work with us. In particular the attention to and accuracey with wich you’ve reproduced the planes of the famale face is outstanding.

For my taste the face is alittle too flat, also the major plane of the face running from the base of the eyes - approximatly - to the chin, seems, in the shots you've provided, too well defined at the edges, breaking it up will serve to ' soften ' the feel/impression of the face towards greater femininity. Lastly, in concern to the way you modelled the ear - would you say that the way you have transitioned the ear - from earlobe ->jaw - is a common features of women who live in your country? - if not what makes you model the ear that way? - quite uncommon in my observational 'experince. Thanks, Kircho

SubDivMe I just saw your site and your work is absolutely A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!
Your stuff is what got me into zBrush. Thanks!

Wow…very nice Jonas Thomqvist!!
I would never dare to say that this is just a WIP…phew…


SUperb model as usual!
Am I wrong or she looks like Natahlie portman too?!

Thanks for the comments everyone!
Here are the wires I promised:

The skinshader is the miss fast skin shader, however with a slightly modified subsurface.mi to have specular only bump and faster glossy reflections.
Its all done with Zbrush, photoshop and then rendered in 3dsmax8 with mentalray.

The ear has changed from those zbrush screens, however she does have strange ears!:

Probably wont have time to work more on this until next weekend but then I will try to make more of a posed and final image of the model.


This is simpy outstanding! I mean the likeliness is spot on.

By the way, just wondering how long you’ve been doing modelling, as a whole, not just on these works.

I decided I will do something more with this model, just for fun and I dont want to spend too much time on it either…
Anyway I had this concept for an image I started to work on awhile ago, but like so many things I never finished it. :slight_smile:
I took the body from that old scene and touched it up in zbrush, and this is what I got. (No displacement on the body at this point since Im only sculpting the low cage at the moment)



I was thinking of putting something on her head so I dont have to do hair, the background will just be pieces of cloth. I havent decided if I want to do a closeup of her face or not…

Any suggestions?


my sugestion :
no cenzure :stuck_out_tongue:

he he


this is a nice study :+1:

Jonas, I would like to suggest her holding a glass of wine to match the red curtains. Her in white.

Also I wold like to make the same piece but with green background and
her holding a glass of absinthe. No magic dust or sparkles or special fx.

The glass would set the mood.

also one yellow or gold satin and she is holding a champagne glass

and so on… maybe with vodka and icebear skin in the background.

Just the glass changes and the colors an texture of eyes and bgnd.

Then sell it to a bar like metro or to systembolaget and ill buy you som edrinks.

nice work btw!


Natalie Portman???

Great design Jonas, clean and simple, thumbs up.

Waiting your next one project

Isn’t it fun to get a nice work flow going. You can really indulge on the details. If you do get a chance to animate her PLEASE post your results, and of course since this is a WIP keep us up to date!

Even if you’re a big fan, it’s pretty creepy to model a real person, full body like that. Unless you have permission, that’s really intrusive.

The model and texture are quite nice, though.

I don’t think it’s bad plastic surgery. I think those photos are bad photoshop.
It looks great, and I don’t see it as creepy at all. I’ve drawn, and painted plenty of girls, and they all seemed not to mind.


you are making a wonderful model here!
As for the critics I would work a little more at the nostrils, rond them a little more. The likeness is very good anyway! Thumbs up!!!

Ciao, Angelo