He-Man and BattleCat Diorama (More making-of info on Page 3)

Hello everyone, thank you for looking.

I wish to share my entry for CGTalk’s “80’s Cartoons” Hardcore Modeling Challenge. Folks here at ZBC are an endless source of inspiration.

For more making-of info, click here.

For more making-of info, click here.

all C&C are most welcomed.

Very cool work!!
Best regards, Selwy

:o yaaayyy!!! actually i thought its Siegfried :wink: from Siegried and Roy cartoon series )) anyway its almost prefect :wink: …guess u’ve seen me :wink: thats the critique :wink: …advice :wink:

Tiger is superb :))

well you fooled me - I thought the first renders were actually a toy! I especially like He-MAn

very well done! :+1: :+1:

good job! love the toylike render too’:+1: :+1: :+1:

dude the render is AWESOME! top row for rendering so superb

WOW ! IT Looks like a Toy ! Good Sculpt and Very very Neat Rendering !

OMG! everything top row about this. you have my 5 stars


I like the grey version verrrry much, cool sculpting, great composing. The coloured version seems to me to be too much coloured. Looks like sweet candy or so.


selwy: thank you! i admire your skills
TeckZ: glad u like the tiger
Intervain: thanks!! ur works are a major source inspiration.
Gary Komar: thanks sir
jonnyd’artiste: :smiley:
Slice: thank you
moonlitmaverick: very much appreciated
hell666: glad u like it, i tried to make it feel like the original 80’s toy

thank you everyone :slight_smile:

hey omnilight, like i said over on cgtalk- this is awesome work. I think you’ve cinched the victory for this HMC :slight_smile:

Just Awesome. Great pose. Great detail. Takes me back to my youth.

Wow! I really like the texturing on this!

Oh man! Thats awesome! I’ve had HeMan on my shortlist of characters to do for sometime now. Oh well :confused:. Again great job!:smiley:

nice job

Great work and good choice of character :+1:

great characters-creature,cool props like the armor!! :+1: :+1:

wow, great sculpt, it looks like a ceramic model I could buy on ebay

Quite an awesome job you did!