He-Man and BattleCat Diorama (More making-of info on Page 3)


great workk! the render is really superb! i actually used to have that exact toy when i was a kid! really great take on the subject! well done !


Wahhhhh fantastic man! top row stuff!:+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

This is awesome work, I am doing a Lion O piece, and didnt realize ther was a competition for this stuff till I saw your stuff. Unfortunately I missed it:cry:

Did you render that in zbrush? It is really and amazing quality render.

Just awesome! You did a great job! :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

eldee.s: thanks for your kind support
DragoCG: its very nostalgic :slight_smile:
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fabianloing: thank you, it was one of my favorite toys.
Sebcesoir: i feel extremely honored to hear that, thanks!
Vsions: thanks, i almost missed it myself, rendered the final image in Vray(3dsmax). you are doing a great job with your Lion-O.
Moni-Poroni: thank you :slight_smile:


Wow, the render looks so much like a toy physical print! Good work man!

Wow… Like everybody else said, this was a great render. Top row. I had to do a double take.

top row stuff.

great ! looks like a real toy !

damn amazing, will you finish the stripes?

I like the details but there is no expression to make it scary or sweet. The ‘candy’ colors are not helping to make the scene the way you want. The mask of the tiger has the expression of a child who ask for an icecream and the hero needs more ‘TNT’.
Stay sharp and keep going, cheers! :+1:

Nice job Omnilight! :wink:
It reminds me the He-Man toys I got when I was a kid… :smiley:

not sure why this isn’t top row >_>

put this in the top roooooooooooow!

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Bas Mazur: thank you sir! Your view very indepth, you saw through their secret alternate identities!
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Great model and the rendering is so cool :smiley: love it.
Have you used LWF in vray? Any insights on the lighting.

hey congratz for winning the competition, great work, the shaded one looks so much like a real toy!

Hi winner, Congrations!!! ~

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5th May 2009 Update:

Hello again everyone,
This piece was fortunate enough to be voted the winning entry of the “80’s Cartoon” Hardcore Modeling Challenge over at CGtalk,
i’ve edited and added extra stuff to this thread, feel free to comment or ask questions.

01 initial stages:
made a very basic polygon base in 3dsmax, transposed in Zbrush to explore and block out the basic pose.
i am not good at rigging, but Zbrush’s transpose solution made it straightforward and fun.

02 intermediate:
after blocking out the pose, its time for detailing. Move brush, Clay brush, Inflat, Pinch and Smooth.

a rough paint-over test

BattleCat’s Armour, imported basic pieces into Zbrush. I used clay brush extensively to fill gaps and sculpt. used flatten brush for the sharp edges.

Hair for He-Man, Basic mesh blocked out and detailed. this was quite tedious until i found out that the rake brush made it very easy to sculpt hair and fur. Rake brush was what i used for detailing of the furry briefs and furry boots of He-Man.

BattleCat’s fur was made with a coat of noise bump then detailed with Rake Brush. The Yellow stripes were poly-painted.

03 Final:
the final Zbrush poly count was about 14 million, i exported all the subtools at a lower subdivision as some subtools were not required to be so dense. I managed to squeeze about 2 million polygons into 3dsmax for rendering. i did not use any displacement maps as i find that a denser mesh gives me better results than displacement. Bump map was applied to enhance BattleCat’s fur.

I’ve submited the model to the turn-table gallery, hope it gets approved.
There’s so much to do in Zbrush 3 and so much to look forward for Zbrush 4!!