HD Human Male & Female Complete Anatomy 3D Models

Recently i shared my WIP of HD Human complete anatomy project which took me about a year to fulfill. HD Male Complete Human 3D Anatomy Model WIP

My goal was to producehigh detailed human complete anatomy models which is very close to a cadaver, so i had to use real specimens as reference and a lot of time was invested in research from medical professionals and dissections.
Thanks to the Pixologic Team for making this possible, this project was 100% done in ZBrush. No Alpha or Scans used but all hand sculpting each and every detail.

For more info: https://saanatomy.com/
For contract or freelance work email me at: adrian@saanatomy.com


The details are amazing

hi thanks Paulzb… Took a lot time and patience but is was worth it i think

Incredible! Thanks for sharing.

Thanks @Jaime Anytime! :grinning: