HD Male Complete Human 3D Anatomy Model WIP

Hi its been about a year now since I started with this human complete 3D anatomy model. it actually started as a side project but i decided to go all in as a single man in production I knew this would take a lot of months or year.

Not willing to compromise my vision & mission I had to sacrifice all my time on this project for the whole year. If it was just a normal complete anatomy model that we see online it was not going to take this long but almost all my research was based on real specimens and medical professionals as i wanted to capture a lot of realistic details so i chose the hard way - hand sculpting and painting everything from cadaver in ZBrush.

Happy to share the WIP HD male anatomy model 4k turntable -

Our entire work in progress & I will add more videos i recorded soon - https://www.youtube.com/playlist… Thanks!

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This is tremendous work! really proud of it! Awesome result!

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Agree with Jay, phenomenal study! Thanks for sharing @Adrian_Ngwenya :grinning:

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Thanks a lot guys @Jay_Peace & @Jaime :grinning:

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Absolutely amazing work! The dedication, time, and effort really shows! Thanks for sharing @Adrian_Ngwenya :parrot:

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Thanks a lot @mj_sculpts despite all the negativity at some stages - it was more than worth it

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:astonished: That’s an insane amount of anatomy work. Very impressed :+1:t5:

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Indeed! :sweat_smile: Thanks a lot @SketchWithJess