Harryhausen Cyclops Wip

Hi Guys, Sorry I haven’t been posting lately I’ve been kind of busy.
Less than a week ago I found out that there was a challenge over on CG Talk that has been going on for a while which is a tribute-contest to one of my all time idols, Ray Harryhausen.The idea is that you have to model from scratch a character from one of his films. Even though I got a late start I just had to join in. I figured it would be a good learning experience since I have never made a full figure mesh from scratch. Spent most of my free time last week doing the base mesh in Modo.
Imported it into ZBrush today and this is what I have so far. Long ways to go. I have a question for you and I would really appreciate your input.
My original plan was to do as close to an exact copy of the Cyclops as I could, then I decided to make his head a little smaller and his body a little beefier .Now I’m wondering if I should go back to the original plan. What do you think?
Also should I detail it like the original model or real it up some? Thanks cyclops1stz.jpg

It’s lookin good. I’ll be honest here. I havent seen the original cycplops and have nothin to compare it to. But I’d say this. If you make it exactly the same, it really doesnt do much, unless ur goal is to get it as close to the original as possible. But if you make minor changes and make it original, then an impact is made. I’d say go ahead and make it more realistic, people love seeing realism theses days. Show the people what ZBrush can do!

Personally, I’d like to see it more true to the Harryhausen model. There’s somthing about the way his models always looked that I think would be a challenge in itself to try to re-create. What you have so far is amazing by the way. But if you’re looking for input, my taste would be to follow the original as closely as possible, otherwise its just a really cool cyclops, …which isnt a bad thing though. My 2 cents.

Heyas Rick,

It’s ironic, watching one of my idols admire a mutual idol…or something along those lines…lol…good to see you back stranger.

Love the model first off…Personally I think you should do one of each. Ray’s style was fantasy and just real enough to make it work on the screen with his style…and definitely worth emulating.

But then again you have that Rick flare, no pun intended, that brings that true realism and life to a piece. It gives it something to make it your own in it’s execution. I love the character and seeing it whenever it is reproduced in whatever fashion, but it gives it that special something when you put your own mark of excellence into it.

So if I were to choose just 1 it would have to be one with your own realistic stylings.

I hope you and yours are doing fine and staying healthy.



Nice way to start this challenge. My impression of what it says regarding the rules is to get as close as you can to the original creation. That said… I think a little use of your artistic license I don’t suppose would hurt much if it was used sparingly and in moderation. If it prolly feels your taking to many liberties then you probably are in regards to this challenge. Currently you have a very nice start… I like the overall shape. Good foundation is the key to anything and you definitely got that so far. With the right amount of Zbrush lovin to refine it you’ll have a solid piece that should be a contender. I really enjoy it, though the legs you might want to make more like the original. Changing some details… and adding your own interpretation of the coloring and its intensity to a degree is prolly fine but totally changing the overall shape would prolly be one of those things that went to far.

Can’t wait to see more… keep up the great work!

Hey Rick.

I think what you have here is looking great! I like the proportians. So all i can say is good luck and enjoy! Can’t wait to see more detailed wrinkles and texture :+1:

Hi Monstermaker,

Personally, this is the Ray Harryhausen creature that I dislike the most. That said I love the changes that you have made to the character.
I just want to add that my “Clash to the Titans” and “Jason and the Argonauts” DVD’s are by my tv open at the moment.

It depends what you are going for with the contest. I think we all know that you can copy Ray Harryhausen’s creatures with many different materials. I personally would like to see you change or add your own twist to make something new, different and maybe better.

Ether way, this is one character that I would love to try and rig for you after it is done.

Little D.

Monstermaker, I was thrilled to see this on header! It’s good to see you back with such a great subject. I’d love to see the original proportions used. Ray was one of the most prolific designers ever, each creation had a quality to it that is hard to put into words, they just looked cool. Surely you had to decide between them for this post, what were your other choices? Waiting for updates, 50.

Below is the ‘Harryhausen Creature List’, over 70 models:
(Click each for a small clip)

…revival! :sunglasses:

Great work Rick!
Alex Oliver

Hey Rick!

Nice start.
As to your dilema of his version or yours, I took the liberty of looking at the CG Talk challenge, and found this amongst the text:

’ Sculpt one or more representations of Ray Harryhausen creatures in 1 month (See the provided list). The idea of this “mini-challenge” is to simulate an impossible dateline for a project. The artists will have at their discretion how detailed the models they will be working on, and the amount of models, and if the models will be shaded/ rigged. But the model will have to be Ray’s interpretation.

For example an entry might call for a Medusa, but the artist will have to sculpt a Ray’s screen interpretation from the classic film Clash of the Titans.

A big part of the challenge is that the modeler will have to scavenge all the reference for the film models. But at the end of the challenge the creature(s) have to look like the one shown on film.’

I think that answers the question?

Please do your own interpretation too if you have time, 'cause Ron is right, you do breath life into your creations. I hope that helps, and it’s good to see you on this forum again.


P.S. here are some pics of the cyclops to show people what your aiming for…


What no stars? We all know this is going to be a five.

Good job on keeping it so close to the original, I prefer your proportions however (though perhaps make the high a wee bit bigger). I think toning down the physique a tad and pushing out the belly a bit would also help. ie. more nature, less bodybuilder :slight_smile:

Thanks friends for your input,but now I’m even more confused. The way I’m feeling today I think I will make it more like the original. After all I entered this as a tribute to Ray and I guess changing his design isn’t that much or a tribute. I’d like to finish both versions but don’t think I’ll be able to in the allotted time. It’s going to be hard enough to get just one finished. Thanks again for the input.
LittleDeeder, sorry you don’t like the cyclops,it’s my favorite but that may be because I say the film when I was like 8 years old and it really left an impression on me. Are you saying that you like the cracken better?
Thanks for the rigging offer.It would be kind of tough because I modeled him posed and it is not symmetrical.

The Kraken (along with the Medusa) was definately one of my favs… hence the name! The cyclops was a good one too.

We all know you could improve upon the anatomy of the original and make it look even better, but it wouldn’t have the same style. And I think it’s the style of Ray’s that you’re paying tribute to. Plus that’s the main point of the contest from what I’ve read.

But regardless, it’s clear you’ve got a great start on this! And I can’t wait to see it finalized along with all the other entries.

Rick, same feeling here. Your version would probably be great, with more realistic proportions and all but what makes Harryhausen’s cyclops so cool are those puppet-like proportions. I think it’s pretty classic! I’m sure you will do great going either way but since you asked for suggestions, I would stick with the original version :slight_smile:

Please, keep it coming :+1:

Monstermaker, this is looking great. i totally understand how you would want to follow the original proportions. but in my personal opinion i dont know why you would hold back from creating a more realistic proportion.

i mean, those were originally made a long time ago, and may be due to technical limitation their proportions had to be like that. its not like if Ray was given a second chance now he would make king kong like a puppet king kong.

i am really not sure if Mr. Ray wanted them to look like puppets. i would think he wanted them to look as realistic as possible.

Hey Rick.
I don’t see the point in a carbon copy.
Really, what’s the point?
It’s kind of like the synthetic human thing… I just don’t get it.
There’s a world of humans around us, why try and replicate that?
The computer has freed us from the handcuffs of real physics.
We are now able to create anything we want.
In no time in history has art been more free…
Yet we keep trapping ourselves.
Any how, I don’t think Ray would be offended by your version.
Carbon copies just don’t do a thing for me…
After all even if you do the most amazing job ever.
Ray already did it and he used what is to me art, his imagination.
For whatever it is worth.
Cesar Dacol Jr.
Aka, The Voodoo Monkey
PS, I haven’t read the rules for this excerise, if the point is to create carbon copies… well then I guess you’re stuck. Unless you don’t follow the rules…:wink:
Aka, The Voodoo Monkey

Rick -
The Cyclops is looking great! Looking forward to it textured and rendered!


No need to quote me :slight_smile:
I was just expressing my opinion, as asked by MM. My point is just about how this challenge works as a homage to Harryhausen. I don’t think MM need to prove that he is capable of creating a new version of that character, thing that I’m sure he can do a ton of times with no problem at all. I’m just saying that he can perfectly work in an accurate version of Harryhausen’s to feel a little like he was doing this in that period of time. For fun, that’s it. I have nothing against “carbon copies” since this a nice way to put yourself in the place of the real author for a little. Makes the imagination fly to decades ago. To learn how he was probably thinking when created the model, good or not, with technical problems or not. But as I said, either way will look great at the end. This was just my opinion, as everybody here is entitled to have one.

My 2 cents,

I’d make the head larger. When animated that’s where the expression is imho, and that’s where all are looking at. Poor guy… what a shriveled thingy. Maybe you want to enlarge that as well 8).
Greetings and a happy New Year!