Halloween Gallery 2004


It’s time once again for the Halloween Gallery!

Now that the Mac version is here and everyone can participate on the

same footing, it’s time to have our traditional Halloween fun here at ZBC!

Post your scary, ghoulish, haunting ZBrush images in this thread and we’ll post

them in the Halloween Gallery at ZBrush.com, beginning October 27.

It’s your chance to s c a r e people
with the power of your imagination and Z2!!!

We’ll post one ZBrush image per artist. You may post WIP’s in this thread, but let us know which image is your final submission by writing [Gallery Entry] under the image.

We are encouraging all entries to be 100% ZBrush. If you choose to use other software as well as ZBrush, the image must be primarily ZBrush-created and the post containing the image should clearly state the role that ZBrush played in its creation.

YES YES YES! this will be magnificent :smiley: can’t wait till this thread gets hot! :smiley:
We’re gonna see great work this year Pix.


Hum… one year passed already? huh!
Still in progress, (I’m hesitat between too ideas… so wait and see)

I'm post it, for encourage me to finish it... ;) (yes too many projects not finished.....)

Edit: A little update


what can be affraid this man…

This time I am in. Wait I said that las…This time I am in. So there. Call me Susan if I don’t.

if I have enough time I am in.:evil: :mad:

moskas.JPG :stuck_out_tongue:[Gallery Entry]

jotajota, that’s an awesome image. wish you’d make the shading a bit stronger, but its still really sweet.


Everything you see here was primarily created with Z-Brush. With the Punkinhead body, I started with a very simple character in MAX and added lots of detail in Z. The MAX character is so rough, but it was helpful for getting the form (and fingers) underway without too much fuss. The Punkinhead is entirely Z-Brush created from a sphere.

The texturing is all Z-Brush too (G Tiles). G Tiles are a great way to do quick and dirty textures without fussing with UV’s. I’ve posted this in the creature challenge and it’s own thread but I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to post it in a Halloween thread! :wink: So, sorry about the repeats.

Happy Halloweeeeeeeen muhahahahahahaa!!!:lol:


Okay, I’m jumping right into this one. This is my 4th Halloween picture, and as much as I like a couple of the others, I wanted something new, and this one says it all. Happy Zalloween, Everyone! Very slight postwork. 50.

[Gallery Entry.]


Off to think about this years image.:smiley: :evil: :smiley: :evil: :smiley: :evil: Hopefully It should be much better than my two previous ones. :rolleyes: :wink:

Here they are for anyone interested.


They are near the bottom of the seventh page.

Fouad, that is a great scene you’ve got going, a nicely dented pumpkin and some great hands.

Jotajota, at first glance I thought it was the Golem looking out of the bushes, then I realized those are not LEAVES. Nicely done.

And Dan 's Pumpkinhead can’t be beat. 50.

Here is my contribution.

I used a head starter from Wings 3D that I had sitting around. Then I pushed and pulled a bit in Zbrush, and painted it. The eyes I made custom for this model in Zbrush.


Happy Halloween everyone.

50’s, nice work on the pumpkin…did you model all of this in Z? Nice work with the inside lighting and such! I may re-do my Punkinhead to have an actual interior, but I started with a sphere when I was learning Z-Brush and didn’t know how to do that! Haha.

Polaris…scary demon head! I like the shader…I’d try and add some more detail even…see how far you can push it! Keep up the good work. :wink:

Good job. :+1:

I’ll post another creature I made since it’s relevant to this thread even though it’s also in the main section.





Ron, that’s awesome! Great lighting too. Did you use multi-marker for all those objects? Was it textured in Z-Brush? Nice use of Z-Spheres. :+1:

Hi Polaris, nice Ghoul-Vampire thing. :smiley:

Hi Dan, the cutouts were Alpha 3d’s placed with Zcutt on and the pumpkin material, then I brought up the markered pumpkin, shrank it a bit and used the glow material. I also used a couple point lights in the cutout areas.
That is a powerfull gargoyle. Reminds me of the Devil Dogs from Ghostbusters. Hope to see more.

Ron,…I don’t have the right adjectives for this one. Fantastic kinda falls short. Great concept, pose, modeling, etc, etc. etc. :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: !!! 50.

This thread gets better and better! 50.

Everyone - great work!

Ron - that is just freaky!

thanks guys
dan - its all zbrush except for messing a little with levels in photoshop -
i didnt bother multi-markering everything-
just assembled all the bits for the shot.
thanks for the comments.


Brilliant Ron! :+1: :+1:

You should try to sell that to a greeting card company.