Halloween Challenge 2008


It's that time of year again! Witches and monsters, spooks and silliness: everything is fair game in this year's Halloween Challenge. Dazzle us with your ZBrushing skills! You have some mighty big shoes to fill after [last year](http://www.zbrushcentral.com/zbc/forumdisplay.php?f=85), but with the magic of ZBrush 3 in everyone's hands, we're sure that you'd do even Frankenstein's monster proud! A few simple rules:

  • One thread per victim – oops! – artist. You may post as many Halloween-themed images as you’d like, but please keep them all in the same thread.
  • Your thread must be posted in the Halloween Challenge 2008 forum.

  • No posting images in anyone else’s thread. You can of course provide advice, comments and hexes!
  • The last image that you post in your thread should be your best work, and labeled as “Gallery Entry”. That way, we’ll know to include it when all the entries are gathered together.
  • DEADline for entry is October 30, 2008 at the stroke of midnight.
On October 31 we will gather everyone’s entries in one place so that you can enjoy one another’s contributions in grand style! Who knows which one(s) will gain special recognition? Our scrying ball has lost its zip, so we’re going to have to find out with the rest of you!

Happy ZBrushing! -The Pixologic Team PS: If you have already posted a Halloween thread of your own, please notify [email="matthew@pixologic.com"]matthew@pixologic.com[/email] so that it can be moved here. If the thread has images by multiple artists, you'll each need to repost on your own, following the above guidelines.




Wow that’s gonna be awesome, cant wait to see the threads best luck for all.

Mwwhahahaha. Was wondering if this would rise from the dead.
Good luck :+1:


i read only about it last year. (didn’t have a license and a tablet)
but this time i will try! :slight_smile:
good luck to all!

only one question: are other tools alowed? (i think, photoshop is a must, but other renderind software?)

this is great been, cant wait to see what people will create.


Great! Looks like fun!

Best of luck to all who enter :smiley:

This is a challenge, rather than a contest. As a result, the rules are pretty loose. It is encouraged to use ZBrush as much as possible. Photoshop of course is not a problem. :slight_smile: Any place where you do use another app should be stated in your thread, just for the sake of clarity.

I’m in!

Awesome! So the theme is anything halloween related, not just the silly theme? I like the idea of opening it up to more possibilities. If that’s the case, I’m hoping to see some pretty wicked stuff! :smiley:

If I have time, I might have a go at it. I missed out on it last time cuz of too many things going on.

Does it have to be rendered in Zbrush or can i use mental ray in 3dsmax for rendering and photoshop for comp?

sorry, already answered!

I have been trying to find the T.O.S/Forumn guidelines/E.U.A, etc. (all the legal mumbo jumbo stuff so I don’t get banned! :smiley: ). I was wondering if anyone had a link. I have 2 cool ideas, but one might feature an extremely amazing amount of graphic violence and gore…and then some! Any help would be appreciated.:wink:

Just for example: Blood, guts, severed body parts…Flesh eating monsters?
If not, anticipation of something terrible, is in my mind more scary…I will just need to think more about how to execute one part of my entry.:wink:

The classic authors of gothic horror knew that depiction isn’t nearly as scary as intimation because the latter allows the audience to fill in the gaps with what scares them the most.

That said, if you have an image that shows excessive violence or becomes otherwise graphic then you should do two things:

  1. Use ATN instead of ATT when inserting images into your post. That way it won’t generate a thumbnail.
  2. Put a warning in your thread title.
These steps ensure that people who view your thread know what they’re getting themselves into. :slight_smile: There ARE limits, though. It’s impossible to know until seeing it whether something crosses the line. But if you’re nervous, then it might be wisest to stick with the other option.

Hi there everybody) Im a new member on this site, and want to take part in this contest, but i have some problems, the first one is that I don’t know english well, and i didn’t understood where do i need to post my WIP for this contest?
And the second is that I didnt found no one point in rules about prepared basemeshes, I started one a few weeks ago, but didnt even finished it, can I finish it and use for sculpting?

Thank you Aurick,:slight_smile: I had some time to think about it, and I don’t think there will be any problems.:wink: I agree 100%…in this case less really is more. I don’t think I will have one drop of blood.:smiley:

I want to take part, but I really don’t know if I’ve got the time this year :frowning:

I’ll try.

Pete B

Great! I expected this challenge for a year. :+1: :+1: :+1:

Count me in :+1:

sounds like a plan. i only have two weeks, i hope i can dish out something nice and fun :slight_smile: ideas anyone?? hehe