Halloween Challenge 2008

when will we know the winners?

I hope that they will give us an update soon on the status of the Halloween Challenge gallery. I hate to beg but…Please, please, please…down on my knees praying to the ZB gods…Please show us the pictures. :smiley: You know I love you guys and the great ZB program but man, you guys, I thought I was bad at being late for things your starting to make me look good lol. J/K I just want to see everyone’s Halloween pics.:smiley: :evil: :smiley:

Congratulations to the winner… :slight_smile:

Children can be so cruel.

was there a gallery posted or another thread put up? I’m not seeing it anywhere?

This was never a contest; just a challenge for fun. So there are no winners or losers.

However, there also wasn’t enough interest this year to justify putting together a gallery. Very few entries over all, and of those that did enter only a few actually finished.

You can see all the threads here: http://www.zbrushcentral.com/zbc/forumdisplay.php?f=92

I figured as much. Didn’t look like many of the entries got finished. Cest la vi, maybe next year.


Thanks Aurick for the info.

It was for me fun anyway to enter this challenge and see how posting and challenges works (first time entry). I am ready for the big league and wait in anticipation for a new contest.

gad damn so many good contests to enter at the moment, which one do I enter


:evil: :mad: :mad: Happy Halloween :mad: :mad: :evil: