GRIMM Creatures ("morph" time-lapse video added Pg 3)

Great work, very effective. I really hope the series survives for a while. Thanks for the insights.

brilliant!! gg for the top row!!

Beautiful work, sir. It’s creepy, effective and superbly executed. Thanks for posting that comparison shot with the two versions of the saber-tooth face. That was really illuminating. I’m following your lead and checking out that book.

Great Stuff!
have to admit that am actually following the series and
now seeing your pictures, rly great work … keep it up

Great work! :+1:

cool! Great to see who’s behind the stuff. I love that show, one of my favs lately!

Great job guys, this is one of my favourite shows on TV…

Thanks for all the positive comments everyone! I’ll try and answer individually tomorrow.
Here’s a few renders before I go to sleep. Straight out of BPR.
Kimura the Assassin from the Season 1 Finale.
I had about a day and a half to sculpt him due to deadlines.


waooo fantastic

Hey! I was also being tested for that job position, and can now see why I didn’t make it - top notch work! Congrats! :+1:

Etcher this one’s for you dude…

[Grimm - Dragon Morph](http://vimeo.com/52978946) from [Jerod Bogh](http://vimeo.com/user4592719) on [Vimeo](http://vimeo.com).

Thanks for stopping by StormSinger, you are very welcome!

Pappete thank you!!

Thank you!! I’m so glad someone found the comparison shot useful…
To this day it’s one of my favorite stills to see the raw progression I’ve made in my understanding of ZBrush.
And the progression in that still in particular is very much due to Paul’s awesome book. Check it out you won’t be sorry.
I think the Zbrush shading system is very versatile, much more than I previously thought, but it most definitely has room to grow and improve as well.

Thanks that’s great to hear!! Glad to have a fan checking out the art.

Thanks Makan Ansari!

Sweet! I’m so glad to have fans checking this stuff out!!

Thank you thank you! I appreciate you taking the time to stop by and let us know!


Woah Cherub that’s a pretty huge compliment coming from you! Thanks!! I’ve been following your work for some time now… Keep up the great work and thanks a ton for stopping by!!

I bookmarked this thread to check back regularly…

My question is that you first make a sculpt of the actor and sculpt it into the creature? I’m really curious about the method you work guys, it’s incredible…that comparative render of the sabretooth is really-really stunning. I wish if I knew more about the settings and workflow…

Great job, great show!

Very Nice!

Congratz on TR!!! Thanks for taking the time to make the morph movie - much appreciated :sunglasses:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:!

i love all your sculpts man… love the series also

It’s too bad your not using YouTube for your vid uploads. Vimeo stops and stutters constantly for me. I’ve tried multiple times on various computers and have horrible experience with them. Your work is astounding but I won’t recommend Vimeo to anyone! Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot Jester! You nailed it, first I do my best to match the actor’s head from reference. Then I bring in any concept image or reference images taken for me, and create a new 3D layer.
I usually store one layer as a “Base” layer to keep the human form intact. I store a Morph Target and Add another Layer. This 2nd Layer is my Master Morphing Layer. It’s been really helpful to add more and more layers on top of this monster morph as I change things, then merging them back down into a single morph layer later when the model is closer to the final version.
My workflow involves using Stored Reference Views and lots of them. In fact I haven’t really seen any Custom Ui’s really using any of the reference view buttons.
I’ll be packaging up my Ui if anyone is interested in trying it out, its great for workflows that involve heavy referencing, as well as constant timelapse or turntable recording.
Thanks for stopping by, and I sure appreciate all the comments I’m receiving!

Thanks Runcher!!

Thanks again Etcher, glad you liked it!! I’m hoping to do a few more…

I appreciate you stopping by, and leaving the kind words! Thanks a ton!

Thanks for bringing this to my attention RAMWolff, I usually have pretty good experiences with Vimeo to be honest. But after I saw your post I tried my video’s and they did seem to hang and stutter a bit, which is strange because I’ve watched them on multiple computers now with no problems. I actually do have them on YouTube as well though… I’m unsure whether I should replace the original vimeo links with youtube’s now… I’ll add them here until I make up my mind.
I originally went with Vimeo in order to upload my own custom Stills for the Thumbnails of the videos, I haven’t seen this option on Youtube so correct me if I’m wrong, but YouTube is pretty lame how it handles the Thumbnailing as far as I can tell.
Thanks for the kind words, take care!

Anyone shed some light on how to set your video to HD all the time as default?
I cant get it to start off in HD for my youtube page or in an Embedded link, even though I’m checking the “HD Link” check box.
Im sorry but youtube is not as streamlined as Vimeo in this regard…

Thanks for the great response… allot of the times folks are like “Oh well” lol I did read a little blurb that they are using a new system to stream so perhaps they have some bugs to work out. I appreciate your posting these here! :smiley:

Just watched the first one. OMG… if you had the time and ever decided to do a creature creation book or set of instruction vids I’d be right there in line to get them. WOW… You are truly amazing. The amount of fine detail is enthralling to watch as you add even the most minute bits to make this creature as believable as possible. Gonna share this on Fb. I got some buds there that are into creature stuff and love this sort of thing. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

love the show and the work you did for it.

I gotta say though , who made the intro for the show that ran the first 2 episodes of season 2 and then suddenly got changed. That was a rly good call lol.