Greeble Pack for Zbrush 4R7

Created a Quick and Easy way to Generate Greebles for your Displacement Maps in all your Techy Sci-Fi Designs.
Works using NanoMesh in 4R7, so if you don’t have 4R7 this wont work for you.

Below you’ll see what you can crate straight out of the Box. The Pack includes 6 unique Designs, but you can Quickly Customize them to your liking. That’s the Beauty of this Pack.

Below you can see what the 6 Displacements look like on one of my Models.

Now what you’ve been waiting for some Quick Instructions and the Pack. Feel Free to Post your Results and Questions on this Thread. Also if you Crated a New Greeble NanoMesh, post here as Well. Enjoy :wink:

GreeblePack.zip (119 KB)GreeblePack.zip (119 KB)


Thanks, Glenn (from another Glenn). Never had a real need to use displacement maps and when I’ve tried in the past could never get the hang of it.
Maybe for people like me you could offer a quick how-to (unless you’ve covered that somewhere in the past).

I’ll get a How To Video up for you in the next day. There’s a brief how to in the graphics above, but it does always help to see how to use it.

Walkthrough/Tutorial Video will available soon on YouTube, I’ll make an Official Post when its Ready.

The link below is where it’ll be once it goes Live

Now its Time for Bed Lol

now that’s easy to generate displacementmaps.
great stuff.

grtz p

Hello Glenn,

Your method of generating Displacement Map (DM) is very fast and practical for some possible application.
However in this case , as I’ve mentioned before, these are too “rectangular” for my use and only have a very limited application.
There are , for example, objects that are entirely made with DM. Check out Roland Kaiser’s page for example and this is where
these “rectangular” DMs won’t work ( I know, I’m looking at the best of the best but…)
Also, I find that your greebles work quite well on your probes which is what I mean by “some possible application”

As things can always be improved on,I would suggest that you consider bringing your method to the next level and consider this stage as Glenn’s DM R1 and that you work on a new revised Glenn’s DM R2.

For my part, I made up several Insert Brushes that I apply, like you, to a simple plane then Render.
I saved these Insert Brushes so that I can reuse them at will. ( I’m still working on these, nothing final yet and are made from scratch ).

I hope you’ll take my words as constructive comments and I’m eager to hear from Glenn’s DM R2.
(The attached images were rendered under the same conditions)BPR_Depth-Greeble5-Render.jpgBPR_Depth-Greeble5-Render-Paleo3D.jpg




Nice tutorial.
My suggestion:
Add an AO BPR pass and export AO. Use it as texture color instead of depth map.
However, in zbrush, it’s really difficult to set up AO. You also need to edit it a bit in a photo editor. More contrast is needed.

Glenn, I just viewed your Video…pretty cool!


I am totally amazed and blown away by your posting at

Post #924 and #927

Can you tell us if this can be done in Zbrush only and if so How???
What kind of Displacement Map did you use here?
How can you get such big displacements?
I would greatly appreciate comments on this and would like to construct such similar object.

Thanx for all your wonderful work…

I think these are extracted loops.

you can see them in my thread too

grtz p


Your extracted loops , on your thread, blow me sky high…really well done…
( Do you make your own DMs? )

What gets me with Michalis’ posts are the SIZE of the displacements…

Extracted loops, Indeed.
There isn’t much difference working in zbrush or blender or another 3d app like modo etc etc.
In ZB r7, with Z modeler, not much difference, not really.
The tools may be a little different, principles remain thesame the same though.

How can you get such big displacements?

The 32bit exr helps a lot.
Same map used in zbrush.TestDispl32bit.jpg



Yes, I guess 32-bit .exr DMaps files would help…
What about 32bit PSD file, does this have the same dynamic or depth range in your opinion?

Also, here’s one that has been bugging for a while…
When I try to import an image file ( In ZB) from the Texture Palette, a Window opens letting me choose an image.
The problem is, with all of the PSD files all’s I see are theirs names and a ( Blue ) PSD Icon.
So if I have , for example, 12 Rust images , and I want a specific one, I find it difficult to choose one of them
since I only see Icons and not the image itself. Am I the only one with this problem?
Is there a way around this? i.e. I’d like to see images and not Icons (PSD)…

Here’s a Quick Workflow Video and How to Use a Greeble in Zbrush. I Created the Pack for the People like me who want to stay in Zbrush as much as Possible. Deffenitly some things that can be improved on for sure.

Thanks for Stopping by

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/jtB60zvRdDY" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen![GreebleIntro2.jpg|1100x1160](upload://oG5JjgmxBNTOJbiP2FMhT3Dtk3l.jpeg)



Thanks for the Comments and Suggestions. I’m planning on taking it a Step Further with more NanoMeshes built into the one ZTL file, so you can add more shapes on Top of the Basic Greeble with one Tool and no need to for IMM. Also looking on the Best settings for AO to give the Texture a better look.

Thanks for that tutorial, Glenn. Just what I was looking for. I can’t help but think that if this technology had been available to Chris Foss back in the 70’s his art would have rocked even more. For anyone who wants inspiration with highly detailed spaceship art you have to check out his airbrush paintings…

Edited just to show my first attempt. Not bad…

greeble test.jpg


greeble test.jpg

Looking Good Glenn! Dont be afraid to explore different shapes then a Sphere, Ive done that Technique on a Bunch of Different Shapes. As long as it has clean Topology to Start. Use DynaMesh pull out a form you like and then Zremesh it to get a Clean Low Poly to start extruding stuff out of it, then do the whole PUV/GUV Edgeloop Technique I showed in the video, you can make some Wild Things. Click on the Thumbnail below on one I did the other day.

And if Chris Foss had Access to Zbrush in the 70’s I cant imagine how even more Fantastic his work would be.Skull-Tech.jpg



Got a new one for you to Play with. Added another Subtool with a Pipe NanoMesh on it. Just switch between Subtools and adjust the Random Seed to find one you like. I’ll eventually add the Pipes to all my Greebles, I saw how well they were working so I thought I’d Share. Have Fun :wink:


GreebleUpdate01.zip (26.7 KB)GreebleUpdate01.zip (26.7 KB)



Thought Id show off the detail you get with Greeble Update. Those Pipes add a Ton of Variety to the Displacement Map




I use this in Windows 7 for PSD preview thumbs.

Thanks for the Greebles. What happens if I feed them after dark?

I’ve got an ok result but not sure what type of UV map to use for best results and I can’t get it to go over to Keyshot. When I try to convert the displacement map to mesh it goes nuts and doubles the size of all the displacement.

Edit: No matter Found your video now thanks.