GOZ for Cinema 4D R20 will there be one soon?


A major link between the latest release of Cinema 4d and zbrush has been broke, is there going to be a goz update soon, or is there a manual way to install this?


Wondering the same thing. I hope an update is coming soon.

Looking for a solution too.

Me 3!

me too :slight_smile:

Me too :slight_smile:

Please! :slight_smile:

In R20 we need a python language skript of GOZ instead of the old .CSC script language.

CSC won´t work anymore in R20.

Hope, it coming soon.

Yes, please!! We need an update on this. Any news would be much appreciated!

I spoke with Pixologic Support and they said Maxon changed the scripting language used in C4D when they went to R20. This means that GoZ is now incompatible with it. We’re working on it but there is no ETA.

In the meantime, if anyone here knows Python and wishes to rewrite this themselves -you would be a very loved person :wink:


Sure wish there would be some news on this! I mean…t’s kind of a big deal. Just knowing that someone is working on it would be great. (I know it’s Maxon’s fault)

Any sign of an update on this please Pixologic guys?

Oh, then that’s the good news.
The bad news being it’s not working on my computer.
I updated to 2018.1 this morning, is there a thread explaining how to make it work ?

It cannot work until GoZ has been updated and this will be a major update rather than a minor revision. That means time. It is currently being worked on but there is no ETA at present.

Hoping there is news on this soon. Really disrupts workflow. I will keep checking in for good news.

I’m really surprised there’s not more of a fuss about this… or are we just trying to be super patient?
I mean, Pixologic is one of the BEST companies as far as taking great care of their customers, and we certainly appreciate it, but I feel like I need to keep saying more about this because it’s very important!

please we need Goz for C4D R20

Hey there, missing GoZ is really screwing my workflow. All Plugins I use in C4d where updated pretty fast except GoZ.
Maybe it is more complicated to get this done, but I would really appreciate if this would be solved soon.


still waiting