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I’m a ZB4 user as well as Blender. And I’m wondering if there is a GoZ script for Blender. Let’s face it, Blender is very popular and becoming even more so among the professionals in the filmmaking industry, and in educational institutions, due to the fact Blender is robust, stable, readily available, and affordable to the digital art students.

An acquaintance asked to recommend a digital arts/ modeling package for their instituion to consider purchasinig and I quickly suggested ZBrush 4 and Blender 3d. GoZ Blender would really be cool in the classroom and in the studio pipeline.


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There currently no GoZ for blender. There are developers who desperately want to make one but are waiting for access to the GoZ SDK. Its been over a month since they requested access and after trying repeatedly to contact them (through the proper ticket channels) Pixologic haven’t had the decency yet to reply to them.

With this normal Pixologic attitude, don’t hold your breath

Hi Richard,

Thanks for the reply. The guys and girls at ZBrush are too smart to let an opportunity like this to get by them. No doubt they realize that it would be of great financial benefit to Pixologic, to put ZBrush in more classrooms around the globe, which are already teaching students digital modeling and animation, with a free and robust animation like Blender 3D. That would be more advantageous than supporting the more expensive modeling software.

Perhaps if we Blender 3D users, who congregate on the various Blender forums would send emails to Pixologic, suggesting the benefits to Pixologic by providing the GoZ Blender add-on (or plug-in), they will realize the mass user audience, and realize that more digital arts students and professionals will likely purchase ZBrush as a primary modeling tool.

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Thanks again for your reply. Best wishes.


GoB: an unofficial GoZ for Blender
Check it out here as the progress is getting there.

I have made some tutorials for Blender Cookie and some tutorials for my own personal Blender website. I can tell you that if Pixologic released the sdk I would make a tutorial as soon as we got GoZ for Blender.


Thank you for the link, I think the problem is several programmers in the Blender community have already requested the SDK and have not received further contact from pixologic. So this post is more of an encouragement to pixologic than anything else. :slight_smile:

GoZ with Blender would be wonderful. Any updates on this? Anybody know if they got the SDK yet or not?

GoB: an unofficial GoZ for Blender.

I’ve read about the GoB, but 2 things hold me back.

  1. I’m new to all this, so 3rd party programs scare me, thinking I’ll mess up my entire program, and ruin a license registration.
  2. It’s French. lol No, but in all seriousness… If I do end up in my inevitable trouble with it, I’m sure the help files are limited.

Just wondering if there was any news about Blender getting the SDK for GoZ. I’m able to import/export everything, it’s just a bit of a hassle, and GoZ would be very nice.

I have used zbrush @ a friends place an completly fell in love with it!
Altho i always had to export my blend files to .obj to be able to load them into his zbrush which is very annoying :confused:
So untill they make this possible i will continue to use blender for sculpting…

If they do…then i will purchase zbrush instantly! :slight_smile:

so pretty please with sugar on top? ^^

fingers crossed

Backup your Zbrush folder and any other folder you make any changes too. Also the GoZ files and folders are completely open but also completely separate. You won’t ruin a license making any changes in it.

The community here and the Blender community are both very helpful. I find an active forum community to be more helpful than even the most detailed help files.

GoZ is very nice.

I’ve been using GoZ for Blender successfully now for over 6 months. There’s no reason to wait. If you plan on using Zbrush then buy it. Also Stunton (the creator of the GoB add-on) has been very quick and responsive here. If you run into a problem he’s been very helpful getting it to work and fixing problems and issues.

anyone know how to fix this error?



You mean Goz or Gob?

Because Goz is not detecting Blender. I am just going to install Gob and see if it works.