Gordon-v`s sketchbook (slight nudity)

Hey guys.
Since im learning anatomy right now, i like to show this grate community my zbrush kung fu! i need lots of practise, so pls comment my work and leave some critics!

I want to show my first atemt on creating an alien. he lives on a swamp planet.


hello again! i started to detail the head of my first alien! what do you guys think about it?

here comes just a little update on the head!
pls give me some critics!

greetings, gordon!


here are some updates on my alienguy! what do you guys like or dislike, what can i improve?

looking forward to your comments, greetings, gordon!




hey gordon-v. you’ve got a great sculpt going on here. i think the base is fantastic! your detailing is nice. to be honest though, i would go back and smooth a lot of it down to the base and start from about level 2. there are a bunch of the forms that don’t look as thought out as the detail suggests. it looks like you’re having fun with the tools in places. especially the pinch tool with lazy mouse.

the base is great man, have fun with it, but don’t get too caught up in the details. it’s a sin we all get tripped up by!

have fun!

thanx for the kind words, and your advice industripop!

i know what you mean with getting couhgt up with the details!
it oftens happens to me! on this piece i wated to show very fine detail. Though i have to support some more of the biggger forms and volumes before i go on detailing again. i can see that now thanks for your help.

here comes a pose test. I also worked on the face and the “hair” a bit. pleases me better now. I really have a problen not overdoing the details. I still
have to work on those. I really dont know how far im going with him. still have many other creatures on my mind that i want to start sculpting in zbrush.

what do you guyst think of him?

pls give me some critics, greetings, gordon!




a better pose i think, and a little turnaraund!

Still waiting for the comments :smiley:





Here is my attempt sculpting Symbiote spiderman!
its still wip. Next step will be the definition of some of the big forms and shapes. Then i hope i can go into the details!

cheers, gordon!




and here goes another anatomy study!
this is what i got so far for today. I really had to force myself to not put
to complex details in. I think the volumes and forms are working.
but some spots are still off abit.

what did you guys think?

critics are welcome as allways!

greetings, gordon


What an improvement over your first post. Watch that bicep in the front, if you want it to go that high you might want to taper it more at the top.

Nice job otherwise!

Hey Jbuck!

thanks for the fast reply. you where absolutly right!

is it better this way?


Much better in all views but the front feels a little defined still. For a guy with this much definition the bicep might tuck under the deltoid a little more. Or you could tone back the definition in this area.

This is turning out to be an excellent model! I like the hair – it adds character to what is usually a rather dull exercise. :wink:

thx jbuck! i tried to fix that.

here comes a lighting and pose test. rendered in xsi.

cheers, gordon!


I worked a bit on the model. rendered in xsi and some final touches with ps.

this was an anatomy exercise. I just wanted to have a nice render of it.
critics are well appreciated!


Gonna focus on sculpting some heads now! Here is the first one. Took me 5h.
Greetings, gordon!


Hey buddy, it´s me!

Thanks for the comments in my thread.
Some really nice stuff you´ve got here. I totally dig that new head. I especially like the hair and the mouth. Great progress!
Could you also show the basemesh? Now it seems to me like you have holes for eyes and mouth in your basemesh, which I could never handle right in my sculptings.

Keep up the good work!

Here is my basemesh! I just sculpted the overall shape and form out of a polyshpere and then draw very quickly and dirty a new topo over it!
I deleted the 1 subd level, so this is my basemesh subdivided 1 time.

I have the same problem with the eyes! border edges are somewhat hard to adjust! I just carved a hole into the eyesocets!

thx for the critics, more heads are comming!


Looking good, Gordon, keep it up dude!


thx dustin I apreciate it!