Gordei sketchbook

Hi everyone, this is my first work during learn zbrush and sub-d modelling, hope you like it)



one more

This is cool! I’d say you learned pretty well. Really cleaver design and sculpt love the man inside, nice touch.

Very interesting creature, half organic and half mechanical slug. :smiley: Look forward to seeing more of your work!

Cheer, David

AHHHHHHHHmazing design, great job!

Thanx everyone for positive feedback! It’s make me move forward. Quick sketch for material and BPR rendering learn:

little teaser

Biomechanical Graboid? I like it. nice work.




FANTASTIC… love the attention to detail.

Just a few questions

  1. what did you render this in (Zbrush?)

  2. the drool / saliva how did you do this? Painting in Photoshop?

Just brilliant.

cheers cheers

that slug is sick man. Great design And the render is really good too. How did yo achieve that fleshiness? all BPR and Compositing? looks really cool.

Thanx! I’m used keyshot with his translucent material for flesh, saliva is real geometry.

The stuff of nightmares. Great work though.

I’m kind of a lightweight, so if this were in a videogame I’d have to quit right there. I have enough trouble with giant spiders.

Baldhead version of my upcoming work on the “Сomicon challenge 2015”

Some great looking work, looking forward to seeing more

thanx! I made the turntable https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bh3EvTXzs_Q

Final entry - Fusion of ancient barbarian brutality and ingenuity of Doc Ock

Amazing work. The concept has hints of Doctor Satan, the villain from ‘House of 1000 Corpses’. Looks amazing.

dopepope wow, Doctor Satan is awesome, unfortunately I have not seen it before :smiley: Thank you!

great idea and execution…
simply love it. this jaw bones at end looks quite funny but still fit well with overall idea :slight_smile: