GoMax for ZBrush 4


Hey guys!

I opened a new thread for the ZBrush 4 compatible version of GoMax.

I originally didn’t plan to keep working on this, but people were asking me lately to at least make it ZB4 compatible, so here it is! It’s still working for 3.5 R3, in case some of you are stuck in that version! :wink:

Here are a couple of features:

-Matcap export
-Diffuse/NormalMap/DispMap export
-Standard,DirectX and MentalRay materials
-Might fix scale problems with ZBrush “ExportScale”
-Noticeable faster than GoZ in some cases
(If you have a Ztl with multiple subtools, but you only want to export one, GoZ goes through all the subtools in the subtools before exporting it, this takes quite a lot, specially if you have a lot of subtools)
-3dsmax 9 to 3dsMax 2011 support
-Option to export 1st subdivision of all subtools
-Option to Disable Turbo/MeshSmooth when exporting from 3dsMax to Zbrush
-Option to import meshes to Zbrush into 1st subdivision automatically
-When exporting new subtools from 3dsMax to Zbrush, they will be automatically appended to the current Ztool, if any selected.

Here is a link to the latest version:

(It will automatically update if there is a new version) (Link updated 3/25/2019)

And here is a link to the old thread:

Old GoMax Thread

Install instructions:

Download the mzp file and drag and drop it on your 3dsMax viewport. If no window pops up, click on Maxscript/Run script and select the mzp file.
Some internet browsers rename the mzp files to zip files. So make sure your mzp file is still a mzp file after downloading :wink:

And finally, is there any request from you guys? Any little thing that might be helpful for your workflow?



Just wanted to double check: Is smoothing group/creasing data respected?

(Because that is HUGE for me.)

hmmm actually I need to double check on that one, but I suspect the answer is no.

I think smoothing groups were only respected in the past with the SmoothingGroupImport plugin, am I right?
Is this still the case? Actually, is there such plugin for Zbrush 4 already?

If so, I might be able to make an option that uses that plugin to import the objs… if not, I’ll have to wait for the plugin to be released first.

But it’s a good question, I totally forgot about smoothing groups…

cool that this is still in development…great norman :+1:

As far as I know, you are correct: smoothing groups were only respected via the import plugin.

I don’t see the plugin as being updated for ZB4.

I actually downloaded it … I thought you would stop working on it … but it’s still one useful plugin … even with GOZ around … many thanx … you actually make things move in the right direction …

Go max helps me to save a lot of time, I wanted to thank you for this! :smiley:

thank you:+1:

oh man! That´s brilliant!!! You made my day! Thanks a lot for your work!!! For me GoMAX is the most usefull tool for Zbrush.
Thank you!!!
Kind regards


uh… but this time it dosn´t work. In Version MAX2009 and 2010. Max just give me the note " awaiting Zbrush Export to finish" for ages.

Think I have to go back to version Z3.5+GoMAX1

possible a bug.-- gomax only takes the half of the matcap when export to max 2011
i’ve have only matcap and subtools turned on–her is a screen shot :bulb:




Uhhh what a great thing!
Thanx a lot for the work!
Is it possible to export from ZBrush to Vray in Max?

yeah exporting from zbrush and being able to choose correct settings for a variety of render would be cool … I’d say … vray … and maybe final render … I think final render do a few things better than vray …

Yes that would be very nice!
Is the new Version of Final Render for 3ds Max out?

Hmmm is this happening with all materials?

And the vray material is a good idea, I’ll put it in as soon as I have some spare time :wink:

Wow…that would be fantastic Norman.
You make a great Timesafer and i must say “much much thanx”.

Hi, Norman.
I have a problem with the export of a single subtool in max.
1.I load my ztool in zbrush
2. Isolate (check eye icon) subtool
3. in 3d max press export from zbrush
4. then got selected subtool in scene plus pack of different subtools

what am I doing wrong? Thanks



Dont you have to export it from Zbrush, not from Max ?!
I dont know how GozMax work but its strange!

try exporting it in zbrush and then importing it in max