GoB: an unofficial GoZ for Blender.

the name has been changed of the 2.8 version so it should work again to install it.

Finally it work for sure on Blender 2.80 BETA daily build for Macintosh.
I just test zBrush 2019 and Blender 2.80 beta (March 29, 2019)

螢幕截圖 2019-03-29 上午6.03.53.pngmac osx

Did you get download daily build Blender 2.80 (March 29, 2019) recent just now?
You will have delete 2 things is.

  1. https://imgur.com/a/FMPs3J0 You will have to unzip then get blender folder
  2. https://imgur.com/a/42zvWdd
    before open Blender 2.80 Edit > Preferences then addons to get one without unzip folder. init have automatic install on addons itself.

GoB v3.0.0 (blender 2.8)



  • fix for zbrush crash when the objects had more then 4 vertices per face.
  • new options to choose what to do with the modifier stack can be found in the addons preference panel
  • introduced a update functionality to try making the update process easier for the users. This has not been tested so it might not work out the way we imagine, so please let us know if you experience issues with it.

Screen Shot 04-21-19 at 01.26 PM.PNG

GoB for zBrush 2019 and Blender 2.80 (April 22, 2019)
I never see ICON folder how can I do this ICON folder?

I just check from zBrush 2019 apply on color on 2 different mesh and different color on PolyGroup to go Blender 2.80 appear on Materials itself it work but there fail on color stay white.
I just change color then GoZ from Blender 2.80 to zBrush fail color.

@mac4kent: not sure what you asking about the icons, there is currently a issue in blender that custom icons are not shown so they are disabled at the moment. we will enable them as soon as we find a solution or a fix has been done on blender side.

thanks for reporting the polypaint issue, i have not tested that but seen that there is a potential problem with it. i will have a closer look, maybe i can do something about that.

EDIT: can you try switching to “Vertex Paint” mode in blender and see if that shows your polypaint?
If you are trying to transfer textures that is currently disabled as far as i am aware since blender 2.8 switched to a node system and its not yet updated to that new structure.
Screen Shot 04-22-19 at 11.20 AM.PNG

Oh no I mean use materials on Blender 2.80 I am going show you youtube.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=40SI19CMPNQ

@mac4kent: i see what you mean, the problem is that what we see as materials in zbrush is a “matcap” with vertex color or polypaint mixed on top of it. So in order to get the same visuals in blender we would need to also transfer the matcap (which might be possible as baked texture) and probably generate a node setup that mixes it with the vertex color. (no clue if that is possible at the moment, will need to tinker around with ).
I see the point of having this in a more user friendly way and im sure it can be done, i will have to see how difficult/feasible this is.

As for the material, would you expect the same look like the matcap or just a basic material with the same color as in zbrush?

@mac4kent: i had a look what the node setup would need to look like and we can easily feed the vertex color layer name into a attribute node that is used as input for the material base color.
can you give this a try and let me know if this would be what you had in mind? this should be quite easy to implement.
Screen Shot 04-22-19 at 03.57 PM.PNG.jpgScreen Shot 04-22-19 at 03.53 PM.PNG.jpg

Oh there already set itself.

You may create new 3 object (mesh) on zBrush 2019 and Color menu click both fillObject and fillObject GRAD each other 3 objects then GoB click ALL

I did tried and I have fail to process.

  1. When zBrush 2019 create new object.
  2. Click Make PolyMesh3D
  3. Color menu change color then click FillObject GRAD also click FillObject
  4. Color menu change other color then paint a little
  5. GoZ ALL

Blender 2.80 doesn’t appear Materials itself but object yes appear.


@mac4kent: hey i hacked somethig together so the color gets transfered, im sure there are scenarios that are not covered yet but if you have some time maybe you can give it a shot and see if it does what you would expect.

:warning:experimental :warning:

Yes it work 3.0.1 congratulation good job. There appear Materials finally.
ICONS folder it work.

I can do change to be white from dark on zBrush logo of Blender 2.80 icons

Never mind I remove my sentence. All it work subtools 3 list yaaaaay


Sorry my wrong. I mean Base Color on texture