Hi! I just finished this guy! Inspired by the world of Jean Baptiste Monge. Made in Zbrush, full textured in MARI and rendered in max with Vray. I hope you guys like it!

Please check the full res here

Thank you!







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Two thumbs up! :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Such believable texture! Can picture this guy defiantly up to some shenanigans!

What a great character. Nice attention to details. I think the bloom from the candle is a bit much with the light background. MAybe tone it down a bit or darken the background would read a bit easier?

great character and render! I love the details and the texture work

Not often I make a comment about people’s art work but this is worth giving a positive comment for.
If I may make a suggestion 0 the end product which has excellent components needs to be slightly adjusted for focus and light.

  1. The focus of the viewer is dawn to the light more than it should be. The face which is fantastic therefor loses a bit of prominence.
    The result is a switching of viewpoint by the end user between the 2 main items ie the face and the light.
    One possible approach may be to create a depth of field that slightly blurs the light in favor of the face.
  2. Although the light itself is perfect it has a disconnect with the face. Somehow the face seems to be unaffected
    by the light. Some change to the colour flow on the face would make the entire image come together even more.
    Please understand that I make these suggestions only because I feel that you are person who really cares for your
    work and as such would appreciate a crit. I love what you did. Hope this helps.

WOW! Such a great character and model!

Thank you guys for the words!

rooflyer, I totally understand t he point you mentioned! My goals on this work was to show some modeling and texturing skills and I think for that reason I didn’t give some attention to composition. But anyway thank you for your tips! :slight_smile:

The gnome is really awesome! Great props in the scene, too. :slight_smile:

Wow…this is great!! Top row material!

Top row in 3,2,1 … Nice job all the way around :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for the top row wishes!!haha

Top row!!!

definitely Top Row.;):wink: love the details.

Great attention to detail and a nice feel to the character. Good job!

Thank you guys! I really appreciate it!!:smiley:

Fantastic character and render. The face expression is just great.

Congratulations :smiley:


G;)reat piece and nice tribute thanks for this Mate !!!

THank you jbmonge for great inspiration!
Soon I will put here a turntable of this model!

Love it, awesome work!