gmp1993 Sketchbook

Thought I’d share a little bit of what I’ve been doing with Zbrush. Now its not a whole lot, just really a hobby right now.

2009 Created this image

2012 I resurrected the old skull and started modifying the model.
Its still a work in progress on the model, but I wanted to play with the new light cap and BPR settings to gimme a idea on what it would look like.
Loving the new rendering settings.


Skull LightCapTest.jpg

No Evil-Flickr.jpg

Here’s an update. Textured and finished up modeling on skull. Wanted to try a Comic Book style ink, rendered in Z and Comp in CS6.
Skull Ink Test.jpg

Nice effect, mind sharing your technique?

Here’s a rundown on my technique for toon style on the skull.

render out your images. I used a modified version of Nick Z’s material that you can find at the link below. Had to smooth out the skull a bit due to the surface noise created a lot of noise with the material, but rendered it and undo to get my surface noise back and did my BPR Renders.

Now go through the steps below in Photoshop to create your effect.
Toon_Tut02.jpg Toon_Tut03.jpg

Need to know anything else, let me know.

Glenn :cool:

very interesting, thx for sharing your knowledge :slight_smile:

Awesome, thanks!

Ive been seeing everyone else doing this technique on here so I read up on it and this is the results. Turned out pretty cool I thought. Gonna have to explore this technique a little more, the results Im seeing on the forum are Awesome.

nice work bro…

another cool skull

Very cool effect on the skull :slight_smile:

Looks cool, rendered in Z?

Yes rendered in Z, BPR passes and comped in Photoshop where I added background.

Looks really cool…
What tutorial did you used? I would like to expriment this as well but I couldnt figure it out…

The tutorial below is what I started with and did a little tweaking of my own.

Went edgeloop crazy with this one. Took old model I did in TopMod and created more edgeloops to make the stars pop out. Finally did the technique I did on my Skull and applied it to the model. Put my computer through the paces on this one,
thought my computer was going to have a Stroke on this model. Finally 21+ million polys later, a BPR Render, and Comp in Photoshop, this is what I came up with. Hope ya Like :wink:

Beautiful work. Would look amazing as a 3D print.

I thought about printing it, but need to find someone that can print it in good detail. Dont think shapeways can get the fine detail without printing it the size of a basketball and not costing a mass fortune lol.

I completely agree!

Really very beautiful mathematics is the mother of fractals and complexity. But sensitivity is yours. A beautiful work.

I lost your thread and wanted to drop by now that I have found it again to say THANK YOU for the tutorial!!!
I managed it, and I am utterly blown away that someone figured this out in the first place, its not so much math as sheer cleverness I suspect.

That thing you made is gorgeous and I can’t thank you enough for helping me learn how to make one of them.