Giant humanoid

hi all,
here a wip, i begin when i was in beta test of zbrush 3.0, so i find time for continue


Really cool piece. I love the way you treated the leather strips. I do feel like the tension in some areas could be increased (like the back of the smaller man’s hand, or the foot that digs in to the flesh of the giant. etc. I also like the helmet design. Thanks for the inspiration.

This is extreme! I love it very much! The design is excellent. I love the mans expression. Is it all zbrush, or did you have a base mesh? If so, could you show the base mesh? :smiley:


faia upon you bwoy :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage: haha i like it the monster shows no mersi at all very disturbing in a good way

i woud love to see some wireframes and textured model for future

Super cool man:+1:

veerry nice !

very cool. Very very cool. I love it. There are just so many things that work with this piece so far. I am anxious to see it grow.

Stunning work!

How much of that hard surface modeling was done in Zbrush. Very Very Nice!

This is a memorable set of models and excellent work. I hope you finish it!

There’s a really good sense of weight to that scene, The guy LOOKS like he’s pushing with his feet (as opposed to just being posed in a position.) Very nice work indeed. :slight_smile: If I was being realy picky I’d say maybe some more skin stress on the foot thats bent would add to the feeling even more, but its not overly needed. :slight_smile:


thanks all !
yes i want put more tension, also in the left arm of the giant.
there is just one body for the base mesh, all is pose in zbrush.
the helmet is done only on zbrush.

a precision : there is 14 million polygons in the scene

I really like this, well done!

great work i like the scene very intense

This guy (monster?) is really strong to be able to carry a man with one arm…anyway really nice :+1:

maybe there is a strange thing inside his body :wink:


Argh! Kill him! :angry:
Great work and nice situation :lol:

damn that guy is creepy! love this one. :+1:

From the pose of the giant, plus the way he is holding the person, everything about that giant reminds me so much of Pyramid Head, from Silent Hill 2. And that is definitely a good thing! Love the mask, too. Great work!