Ghada Cinematic Character


Mind. Blown!

Thanks for sharing. This will help out a lot!


Fantastic work, from tip to toe

it´s not very often, that I see such a consistent work, where the level of texturing, modeling, is 100%.

thanks for the workflow infos!

Huge Congrats Mohamad! well deserved for this truly high-end inspiring work.

awesome work, the face in the most hig subdivid how many polings have?

Super inspiring works~ congrats on top row:+1:

Your work is awesome! I love it!

Beautiful renders :+1:

How many days the project took practically? Render times?

A new sherif rules in zbcTown…
Haha great job man.

Love your work


awesome man…

hey, how did you do the hair ?

Thanks a lot for the the comments everyone
@capu : The hair is made with 3Ds Max’s Hair and Fur
@sergiogm : for those cinematic renders I’m using Displacement maps that I generated from Zbrush and using it on a Hi-Res copy of the character, the head on that copy is about 13k polys

Absolutely magnificent.

That is some very inspirational work…well done.

Very good! Love details :slight_smile: Congratulations!

very cool character

you always inspire me
You are the best
Keep it up

Thanks a lot mates :slight_smile:

Fantastic work mate! :+1: The workflow and alphas are very appreciated! Thanks a lot for sharing! :smiley:


firstly id like to say really nice work and congrats on the TOP ROW. My only criticism would be that the facial pores are just slightly too visible. It kind of makes it look like she has a skin condition. that being said its not ridiculously obvious, just something i noticed straight away, which made me instantly see through the realism of everything else, which is brilliant btw :smiley: