Ghada Cinematic Character

Ghada cinematic character
the second character from my personal project, also based on the concept I made in 2013
done in Zbrush, 3Ds Max, Mari, Photoshop, Vray

Hi-Res links :


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Wonderful character. I am quite picky when it comes to character but she looks gorgeous.

Incredible work, mate!
How did you do her hair?

Thank you guys,
the hair is made with the default 3Ds Max’s Hair and Fur

Beautiful work well done!

I’d be very proud to have created work like this, truly inspiring.

Thank you.

What more to say then BRILLIANT:+1: TOP ROW!!!
gr. silberdenar

good work,

Super neat and Detail work…

Loving this :)!

That girl is flawless , man …amazing…The shaders, cloth, tetxturing, everything one of the best I’ve seen lately…congratulations! I’m looking to build a scene based on the Middle Eastern stories of the Djinn… Could please point me to to some art and style reference? Thanks…awesome work

Man your works are always inspiring.I love this one.the render looks amazing.keep up the great works & keep’em coming.;);):wink:

Really nice work! :+1:

Thank you so much fellow artists, I will post more info tonight, stay tuned

here is some info on how I sculpted some of the details in ZBrush

for the face details I used alphas that I quickly painted and alphas that are by default in ZBrush, and I also sculpted some of the details by hand with Standard or Dam_Standard brushes

most of the drapery ( clothes and leather ) is done with Standard brush

The hidden stitches on the leather are made with the Dam Standard brush, I first dig a long line with a big smooth Dam Standard and then go over it again with a small Dam Standard that has more intensity and more Lazy Step value to

the other stitches are using an Alpha with increasing Lazy Steps, I remember that I found an alpha like this before, not sure where, so I made one for myself

The ornaments on the metal are done with Zbrush’s Surface Noise using UV, I first made the alpha in photoshop from some islamic ornaments reference I have in a book . and then use it for the Surface Noise


2 big fat thumbs UP!

Gorgeous work! :+1:

This is so fantastic on so many levels! Thanks so much for the tutorials! :+1:

much deserved top line

congrats for the TopRow man.you really deserve it.keep up the great works.:wink: