Gformenti (Sathanael) Sketchbook

cool looking character!

wow thanx a lot for the matcap. Your stuff rocks.
You know what, I ll post the matcaps I used on my thread, feel free to check them out.

Holy Moly! This stuff is inspirational, thanks and well done.

keep up the good work.

awesome character & sculpting :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

Yeay thats cool matcaps, Ill use them and give that treatment of comic book on some of my sculpts for the hell of it :slight_smile:

and thanks for the compliment guys - luxo, fil, davidness,kmaddix,elfufu and lucky

Hi there! I missed so many updates… pffff… :o
First, thanks for posting the head, hehe. :slight_smile:
You`ve done a great job on it and it would have been sad if you never showed those pics here.
The sagat model is looking awesome and I love the render.
Regarding your latest update: That’s an excellent modeling job!
And thanks for sharing the great matcap! :slight_smile:

Super cool model, really great transition from concept to 3D!

Hey Moni long time no see :slight_smile: Im really glad you liked it , I found the concept really powerful and fresh it deserved a 3d translation. there is still a little parts to improved like the fur in some areas and some equipment stuff for his back view.
Thank you storm as well for the compliment its always a joy to receive feedback from my Zbrush community :slight_smile:
Im deeply in love with zbrush 4, pixo done a amazing job :slight_smile:

I voted for your model on the cg hub ! I think you deserved the win =) he just looks meaner than the other ones maybe its the color pallete + sculpt that make it my favorite. Great work man keep it up.

Valeu magalhaes :slight_smile: glad to hear I was your favorite, would been cooler to snatch the first prize, getting my model 3d printed is a personal fantasy, but its kinda pricy for me at the moment.

A quick sculpt that I did using Mannequinn, and polypainted. Its a fighting irish + gnome crossover :slight_smile: hope you guys like it


Great thread my friend…Now by fighting Irish mixed with Gnome you must mean Lepperchaun;P. Keep up the great work.

I did this sculpt as a observation study, trying to match the likeness of Dizzy Gillespie famous picture. I rendered in Zbrush using BPR , I then used black and white photo references including the original photo to texture it inside photoshop, also using the BPR render passes. Hope you guys like it.:smiley:


Hello guilherme its me from CGhub!! just made this account to praise this since I saw it over there I was amazed! the likeness is keen on and the mood is amazing, 5 stars!! top row material i would say!:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

wow. that certainly got me laughing. great sculpt.


Decided to start somethign new that I never dared to do,Im not a very good sci-fi designer, especially when it comes to suits and techy type stuff, but with the realease of the new z4 tools it got me itchign to try something of that genre. Posting here to get some feedback, especially of those that master the style… :slight_smile: simple screengrabs head with BPR and second just a fast render with Max_blinn matcap


wicked stuff man :D:+1: - irish gnome boxers awesome :+1:

wow, that dude on the first page is just sick! love what ur doing here!