Gformenti (Sathanael) Sketchbook

Hi Everyone ,
Ive been procrastinating the start of my Sketchbook here but this ends today!! I recently finished the 3d Production Challenge (my thread ) and I feel its a good way to start my scketbook n here, Ill add newer and older models later on . Hope you guys Like It … Concept by the great Adrian Smith :smiley:

Youtube Turntable






Another strong sculpt of cghub, they will be happy to have soo much great result.

Great man! Good luck!

WoooW this is my favorite so far…nice pose and details!

This looks great, my only crit here would be his feet if you could pose them to follow a better flow through the body, they just look too tpose and spoil the overall work you have on the upper body, but I think you’d have a winner there. Well done!!

great work! he looks very solid and the details read well from a distance

Well done. . :wink:

modeling is very good. This guy has a lot of details. He seems a bit grey. a little color in parts would of helped the renders pop. Looking forward to seeing more posts.

top notch work

That’s the way to start a sketchbook! Looks fantastic!

OUTSTANDING!!! wow dude, awesome piece!!! just perfect!!!

gr8!! i like the mood and modeling!!

man! one of the best models i see here last weeks! congratz

Hey Guys

thank you for the nice words, Im relly happy you guys liked it. About the feetthey are basically t-pose yes I didnt have time to pose them when I tried I got serious problem with transpose master crashing, bugging so I just left like that.

A friend of mine that saw me during the modeling process saw this thread and complained It didnt show the detailing really good… and since those renders are frames from the turntable I exagerated on the cavity for them to pop on the video a bit and its not looking too nice… So heres a bigger and more cavity free render


sooo good…

…will you texture him?

Amazing work!!!:+1:

I really want to, but I kinda wanna take a break from him, I have been working on him for a while, modeled and remoled alot of stuff to get it right. maybe after the World Cup :slight_smile:

damn good, good luck:+1:

Hey Guilherme, outstanding work man, congratulations,
One of the best out there :slight_smile:
5 stars rating from me

wow! yet another great version of it! sweet stuff man!:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1: