Gformenti (Sathanael) Sketchbook

Hey Guys the voting Poll is up on cghub, if you like my version or any of us and you happen to have a cghub profile vote for us :smiley:

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Hello Guilherme!
Great to see your awesome model here. I love the way you sculpted the armor and the face. Umm… why are you hiding it now :evil: ? :smiley:
Im still busy with detailing. I guess when Im done everybody is fed up with this guy lol.
Best of luck!

Hey Moni!! :slight_smile: Not hiding the face I just felt I needed to post the helmet since everyone did :stuck_out_tongue: . But thanks for the kind compliments I dont think I will win especially due to the presentation me thinks, but Im glad I liked it and others like it and thats what matters I guess :slight_smile:

But I still wanna see your version (I wont be fed up !!) and I bet its going to be awesome :slight_smile:
Best of luck!!:smiley:

Hey Moni heres the face!! not hiding it now :smiley:


Hey guys! another model I did for a CGHub contest some time ago… Its the Green Goblin from the movie, played by Willem Dafoe. The idea was to make a bust of him getting a taste of his own medicine (or poison lol) :smiley:


Hey guys just wanted to share with you the render testing Ive done with the new vray ss2. I heard a lot about it and finally got around in messing with it. Its pretty great, however there is a few limitations like poor reflection control and bad back scattering. Its a good first result but I think I can improve more especially on the eyes and the maps.

I read Big Guns thread and even tho he didn´t reveal his material setup, he gave small tips along the thread i could pick up and make my own.

Im planning on using this for a realistic Classic Sagat portrait. I don´t plan on changing much on the head except fine tune some of the features and details. If anyone is interested Ill be glad to show my light set up,material config, zbrush wire etc etc.. all for the sake of the community :D This image has basically no paint overs except for the tear duct area which came out kinda crappy, the rest is pure render with a background some color correction, ao pass and a vignette. here is the ugly mofo: [![sagat_wip.jpg|650x809](upload://jfRFckcTVvD4Y0fxLGBLKuOzEdE.jpeg)][](http://javascript%3Cb%3E%3C/b%3E:zb_insimg%28%27203490%27,%27sagat_wip.jpg%27,1,0%29)

nice man …congratz on 2nd place for the cghub-challenge – i wan´t to know everything about your vray render experience…only critique is that the skin color is way too yellow atm… otherless i think its really really nice …looking foward for more :slight_smile:

Hey man thank you , really appreciate it:). Its a lil yellow cuz I applied a Cross process filter on him, maybe wasnt a smart idea hehe was going for a photographic proces kinda look.
Ill gather up some screenshotsof the set up and post here all at once so I dont flood the row with technical shennanigans…

Nice Sagat render. I saw your comments about the Bigguns thread and thought I would point you to this thread. I found it to be eye opening.

I have also found using a shellac material to add reflection and highlight control from a vray standard material to the skin.

thats exactly what i used :smiley:

Beautiful! Yellow filter and all…makes for a very illustrative piece!!! :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Loooking sweet bro = that ss2 mat looks really cool …and sagat one of my favs :smiley: updates… :lol:

nice! and you are right. the sss2 has got bad reflection. but the backscatter works fine for me!

Sagat is looking nice!

good works you’ve got here. especialy i like the last one

awesome character and pose good job on the render interms of the shaders use, just need some highlight and polypaint, and youll be over the edge man

Due to some freelance work and the realease of zb4 I halted my sagat project and decided to work on soem different stuff. here is the lamost final version of My sculpture of Vinod Rams concept, I stumbled across it on cghub and thought would be a very cool to make it in zbrush… all renders were done using BPR and some color tweaks in PS





<img src=“http://www.zbrushcentral.com/pixo/atn.gif”>

This looks amazing. I love the rendering.
May I ask what kind of matcap you used??? Or maybe you used new stuff
from zb4 I am not aware of?

hey luxo, I just posted on your thread LOL. but anyways. the matcap is an old one i think its a variation of the one ralph stumpf posted that I edited. for the render I used the BPR render on ZB4 with shadows and AO and extracted the render passes and used the depth to make a lens blur effect. altho I had to level it because generally comes pretty strong…

Ill post the matcap here for download if you want…


heres the matcap I used