Gevz Art Dump (WIPS, sketches and more WIPS)

I’ll be posting my latest art works, primarily characters, on this thread.

I’m wrapping up a new sculpt in a few days but let me start with this piece from a few months ago:

Substrata (Render)

Sculpt of a character in the Substrata book. Concept art by Lena Richards https://www.artstation.com/artwork/Bb18

This was a warm up sculpt after my huge move here in Warsaw, Poland from Manila, Philippines.
Details doesn’t hold up to close ups. Needs a lot more polish but it served its purpose. I’ve moved on to a new character since.



nicely done. Looking forward to see the next character.

@gabo1991: Thank you! I’ll post the next one this weekend. :slight_smile:

Ouuuh yeaaaah!! Great stuff here Dude! You are a beast!!! ^^ great work!

@AbbY-Art: Thank you! Glad you liked it! :slight_smile:

Top row stuff right here looking forwards to seeing more!!!

@ZOMBEAST: Thank you for the kind words! :slight_smile:

very well executed bro, looking forward to seeing your final character if this is just the warm up

@Ackeemd: Thanks man! :slight_smile:

Roronoa Zoro Fanart (WIP)

Hi guys. This is the character that I’m currently working on. My take on Roronoa Zoro from Onepiece. I’m a big fan of the anime!
Still a WIP though but all the elements are there. I’ll probably add or change small details later on.
Next steps for me is to sculpt the all the accessories, go back and wrap up the body and face, sculpt a temporary hair (it will be alpha cards for the final) and finally add surface high frequency details.


And he will (or not) have a tattoo. This is a design I sketched some time ago inspired by Asura’s Wrath:

Working on alphas at the moment.

Yay! I’m done with these parts for now. I’m sculpting some additional details on the swords because they are 1:1 with the original design at the moment.

Here’s a quick screenshot with the sword atm

Awesome. I love this details and the way they were applied.
Congrats dude, beautiful work.

This is coming along really nicely ! :+1:

@mustaine: took a lot of time choosing alphas glad you liked the result! thank you for the kind words! :slight_smile: Visited your ArtStation page (and followed). Love your works man! Those are big franchises you worked on. I really want to work on action figures! Someday!

@truubluu: thank you! glad you liked it!:slight_smile:

Thank you very much for the words, you will be a great talente and I have a lot of respect.
Hug my friend !

wow! amazing stuff forming here man, love how the details, even if super intricate, dont look chaotic or confusing. cant wait to see updates!! :smiley:

@mustaine: Cheers mate! :smiley:

@danko75: that’s good to know man. i took a lot of time choosing patterns. probably longer than actual sculpting hahaha! thank you!! :slight_smile:

Done with skin parts! Overall, I’m around 95% done with the entire sculpt. :slight_smile:

Finally done with the sculpt! It’s a good day! Moving on to final mesh and textures.