Gevz Art Dump (WIPS, sketches and more WIPS)

First of hopefully a series of exploration sketches for stylized anatomy. This one was inspired by Street Fighter illustrations in the artbooks. Just thought I’d do quick cool down exercises in between projects.

Amazing! How do you achieve the wrapping around the sword handles?

thanks! :slight_smile: oh that. the base was actually modelled manually in maya. I’m sure there’s a way in zbrush but it’s just faster for me to do it in Maya.

:slight_smile: any kind of a breakdown would be a huge help

After some adulting stuff I’m back with… new wip lol
Here is my take on Jinbei from One Piece (again). A demon whale fishman character based on sumo wrestler physique.




inspired by the main character in the movie Splice


Hair is temporary. Texturing next! :slight_smile:
So hard to keep up updating all online galleries. But… to post… i must…

Been trying to sculpt or just work on something on a daily basis. Usually update my IG https://www.instagram.com/ragevz/ please do drop by!


Wow…your take on Jinbei’s magnificent!!!

@SolidSnakexxx hey man thank you! glad you liked it! :smiley: