Hello ! :smiley:

Here comes some more geometric stuff i´m playing with.

(From time to time i get a kind of geometric attack :wink: ,sorry.)

The basic meshes are all done in wings3d , then modified and

rendered in ZB.

Testing different light and fog settings .

GK 2, 01.jpg

Hopeyoulikeit , J .

PS:maybe i´ll post some more tomorrow , so better watch out!

:wink: … J


GK 3,02.jpg

Tw 1 , 03.jpg

Tw 2 , 04.jpg

Trippy stuff - Nice :+1:

Thought it was you know who from the thumbnail… Like the second one.


The third one is very nice with the glow. I do like geometrical images.

Well done indeed.


…spheres (3D) :cool:

Hi y´all !

John Turner :Thanks for that one .

pride : nice to hear from you again ,thank you.

wckedsunny : thanx

Paul from Australia : thank you Paul !

Frenchy Pilou : :slight_smile:


and me again ,:smiley: ,

now it´s for material or more exactly for some of the best metal

materials one can find on this forum .------

As you might have guessed already it´s all about

jantim´s exquisite metal-shaders !


Here we go:

GK 3.3.jpg

white iron

Well then,thats all for now,have a nice Ztime, J .

to be continued


GK 1.1.jpg

GK 1.2 .jpg

Jantim should be compressed and included in the next version of zbrush…

…between Wings3D and Zb :cool:

i likey

Are those shapes done in zbrush?
COudl you explain a bit the process of the last ones?

This may not be exactly what you’re, but he has kindly provided one tutorial that you might be interested in.

Its like Knot Plot on steroids…I’ve always liked the geometric shapes.

T’as pas vu, il dit qu’il utilise Wings3D (1er post, 4eme ligne) :slight_smile:
The process in another thread : Here
(slide the page)
Wings3D rocks :sunglasses: :+1:

cool looking kaleidoscopic images ,jmeyer !..and i see your a metal-fan :cool:
And its indeed the technical difficulties of me being compressed iside version 2.5 that is making things hard for the the pixologic team to deliver on time, but when it works it should look great…they plan for me to pop up from a left button mouseclick and make a material on the spot, i also give some personal advise and do a weather forecast . :lol:


Heeeey something´s going on around here ,happy to see that !:smiley:

Thanks to all of you !!!

billrobertson42 + Frenchy Pilou : thank you for helping out !

Sebcesoir : i´ll make some supplementary screenshots and

post them here later today.

pride : do you know Knots3D ,a somewhat strange approach

to knotwork (from my point of view that is) ,but funny.


jantim : thanks !----- and for the 2nd part : that´s exactly what

i assumed :lol: :lol:

That’s supposed to look like this right?


Hi jmeyer,

I am a great fan of geometric patterns and I love what you are doing. I had a look at the procedures you posted and they looked almost as complicated as the images!

Thanks for sharing.