Game character academy a student´s sketcbook

Hi guys, I´ve recently started out the curse in the Game Character Academy, I´m superexcited about it. So I thought I´d made a thread in order to show the stuff we are working on weekly and hopefully I´ll be able to get some crits of my work in here, and share with you this adventure!!!

So here is the first week assigment. We were told to sculpt a madball, so I google out and found a pretty cool design for it and decided to go for it. The design is not mine!!!, only the sculpt but I´ll post it so that you can see my reference:




Good one. You really did capture the spirit of the mad ball from the reference!

Thank you very much mate!!

I´m back again with a new sculpt, the task was to model a male head. I went a little further and made a semimale head :evil:

Crits and anything welcome guys

I found the time to finish this bust, here is the result. The render has been made in Keyshot, is the first time I use it and I´m pretty amazed with what you can achieve in such a short time.


good job man , keep going :smiley:

hey Antone, nice to see you here!! thanks a lot man!!!

Here is a small video of the process for creating this sculpt:


Here we go, first a little play with clay brushes, and now my firt attempt at the planars of a face.

another study of the planars of the head

a block out of a male head, tomorrow I´ll try a female

is that last pic a zbrush render? if so what matcap is that? Looks really natural

Hi there Hai Phung, the render is made in Keyshot, if you don´t know it, you should try it, cause it´s super simple and the results are really nice. here is a link to their web:


here´s the blockout for the female

here´s another block for a big guy

A first rough study of the mouth

cool stuff here, thanks for sharing. The sides of your heads are caving in a little bit. Beware that the temporalis muscle is very full, and convex. Also the corners of your heads, the bony edge that delineates the side plane from the front plane is caving in a little bit. The entire body is made entirely of convex surfaces. Perhaps only the ear breaks this rule at times. Remember that muscles are full,bloated volume sheets traveling from origin to insertion, and fat is basically bags of squishy balloons of liquid which are also convex. On your sculpts I don’t feel as tho the skin is sitting upon tightly packed muscle and fat. For instance below the mouth on your mouth study is getting very concave and “murky” if you will. Your not dealing with the exact meetings of those two forms hard enough. The two lobes below the mouth need need to gently meet in the center but never become a valley. I hope this makes sense, but once you understand these things it adds a tremendous amount of realism and you dont get that “blobby” feel anymore. Or at least you know when to correct it haha.


this drawing by anthony rider sums it up. Do u see how even the smallest little forms remain convex? He is a master. Hope this helps!

Hey there doggy 7!! Thanks so much for taking the time to crit my work man, I really appreciate it :slight_smile: I have still a lot to learn man and this things you´ve shared definitly help a lot!!! By the way I´ve been checking out your blog and you are an awesome artist!!!

So I´ve been working a little more and here comes another two studies of the mouth, male and female

keep rocking man

Thanks a lot Bro!!! let´s keep going man!!!

Here comes the first aproach to the eye-nose area crits welcome :wink:

another study, based in Marty Feldman