Game character academy a student´s sketcbook

Now, this one was really really hard!!! man women are so difficult for me, in every aspect :wink: jaja. Well here is my attempt, I´ve struggle with it for hours, don´t even know if it looks like a women :frowning:

Last week I could not post the work so here it comes now!!! This week we were only doing the ear and neck area, but I tryed to start putting it all together

This weeks work is trying to put it all together and man there´s plenty of stuff to be aware off!!! here is the male attempt


You’re making steady progress. Looking really good!

I want to respond to the female eyes/nose section you posted. It is looking generally female, although you have not shown most of the factors that would generally distinguish a female head (more upright forehead, soft jaw line, pointed chin).
The area around the eyes is fairly essential however, with the key difference being that the superciliary crest (aka brow ridge) is smaller/nearly non-existent on the female.

But, here’s the thing, run your finger across the top of your eyebrow (don’t raise your eyebrow when you do this). Do you feel the little indentation? That’s your finger running off the superciliary crest and onto the zygomatic process of the frontal bone.
That indentation is a really useful thing, but it’s really hard to see (on female faces especially) in photos because the eyebrow cuts across it and kind of hides it (have a search for some pics of Whoopi Goldberg…really easy to see it!).
Even though females may not have a noticeable superciliary crest, they do still have one, and that indentation will still be there.
On your female eyes, it looks like her superciliary crests are a little too far apart, with no particular change from crest to zygomatic process. I’d always recommend putting in a little indented line (at least at first, you can smooth it out later if necessary) to define the break which happens across the supraorbital margin to keep yourself oriented about what is happening with the bone underneath the skin, muscles and fat around the eyes.

You do have some extra options to exaggerate femininity if you don’t mind sacrificing some realism:
(visible area)
Make the nose smaller (especially the tip of the nose on your model) and point the tip upwards slightly.
Deepen the plane break between the glabella and nasal bone (but keep it a smooth curve).
Keep the cheek bones fairly high, and keep the bottom of the nose in line with the bottom of the cheek bones.
(non-visible area)
The eyes should not be higher than the mid-point of the head (higher than the midpoint will age the character and/or decrease femininity).
The top lip should be much fuller than the male top lip.
The jaw should be small and smooth, with a small chin creating something of a point.

Also worth pointing out: It’s really difficult to judge how “attractive” a female model is without polypainting some grey on for the hairline, the eyebrows, and some eye (and maybe lip) makeup.

Looking forward to seeing more!

yeah your progress really fast. Great stuff just keep going :+1:

You should consider taking Steve Lord’s ZBrush classes.

Hi guys thank you all for your comments :slight_smile:

teeg000-Thank you thank you thank you for taking the time for writing that crit man!!! really great!!! It comes great for me cause I´m starting out the female bust, and I can take all this stuff you told me!!!

Polyhead90- Thanks a lot bro!!! I´ll keep it up :slight_smile:

Ehren-Thanks man, I´ll take that into consideration.

Hello beautiful world!!! as I said here is the work I´ve been doing for the female :slight_smile: as always feel free to crit anything, it will help me a lot. Thanks

I´m going for Spock in here!!! any feed would help :wink:


Good job on the skin !!

Thanks man, but it´s just a keyshot render, I did not work it out too much :slight_smile:

I can´t put more time into this model so here is the final sculpt

here is the model for the teeth I made and a scketc for the hair of the lady


Hi there community!!! we are finishing the first term this week, so I´m trying to put together everything we´ve been learning. I went for a sculpt of matt damon on Elysium. It´s really hard to get a likeness man!!!

I keep working on stuff, so check out and let me know if anyone knows who this guy is!!!

I´ve been working it out man!!! so now for real does anybody who this guy who inspired thousands of people like me to learn Karate!!!


Torso time now!!!

keep going bud ! , this looks very good

Thanks a lot brother!!!

Here is the rework I did in the male to improve it, and my first attempt at the female one. This one was really tough man

I was not very happy with my torsos last week, so I tryed to go for a more realistic style with this two, let me know any crit guys!!!