Funky's 3d sculptage

Hey guys n galz!

I’ve always been too afraid to make a thread here but now that I’m doing more zbrush busts maybe it’d be in line to do so :slight_smile:
I’ll start off with some speedy gurlz I’ve done over the last while.
super varying times and styles, lemme know what you think!

this one’s a reinvisioning of a friend’s character, i also did a spin of this if anyone’s interested
i did a timelapse of this one on https://youtu.be/(http://youtu.be/OIWVqvya8_M) or on vimeo

i did a youtube timelapsefor this one

this a realistic Daisy head, was my first dynamesh timelapse, mistakes eternally memorialized by ye olde internet via youtube -_- haha


some other stuff cuz i can’t seem to get rid of them from my attachments haha


Very cute stuff :+1:
Welcome to ZB cetntral and happy zbruhsing then;)

Love your work! Keep posting, I would like to see more :smiley:

Hey man, some nice shapes happening there !

Cool painting as well :smiley: keep it coming !

Hey Funky, loved your style!

Really dig the turkey hand.


Really great girls, they are suppper appealing! Can’t wait to see some more from you :slight_smile:

the girls are very nice, thanks for sharing the timelapse videos!

Turkey hand is awesome! :+1:

That xmas girl is sweet! Really nice stuff, loved the timlapse. Keep posting. :smiley: :+1: :+1:

Oh wow man lovely lovely thread ! Can’t wait to see more !

I love this thread. the girl are perfectly done!! and impressive sculpt on this hand!

I reallly like what you’ve shared here. Watched the time-lapse youTubes. You’ve a nice style and in a lot of ways, a refreshing style. Your girls are cute and sexy because of that, not the other way around.

Looking forward to seeing more of your work!

These are great! fantastic style!

Fantastic works … Really like them all. :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

really awesome characters man! The only thing i’d suggest is spend a little more time on the. The texture/coloring job is too blury. Make them more sharp! Everything else looks great!

Nice work:+1:

Great sculpts!! I especially love the sleeping female santa:)

Love your female faces. Very nice work!

  • BoBo

Great stuff, really clean sculpts. Turkey hand works really well, nice idea.