Funky's 3d sculptage

Superb! I love your style and I am very impressed. :+1: 5*

whoa thanks a ton yallz! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Daemon3d: dang it’s nice to hear encouragement from you cuz you were one of my first big inspirations into 3d - love your work!
Trist: thanks a ton man!
branduarte: Thanks man, I’ve really been loving your ladies, really inspiring work :smiley:
Shepard: thanks a bunch!
Deckard01: I was just admiring your water-composition figures, stunning work man!
-Storm-: thanks! I dig your style
lazy noob: thanks man!
HerraPuputti: glad you dig it!
Jonboywalton82: thanks a bunch man!
vickgaza: hey thanks man, good to see you here :slight_smile:
xada: thanks for the encouraging words :smiley:
Pixolshaper: wow thanks a ton, that’s really encouraging to hear :slight_smile:
mattinabox: thanks a ton!
SolidSnakeXXX: thanks a bunch! I really loved your Lady of Naga piece :slight_smile:
immilesaway: hey thanks a bunch for the C&C, I’ll try to sharpen up my colorstyle going forward :slight_smile:
Dman3d: thanks! i like your creature work :smiley:
makeusong: thanks a bunch :slight_smile:
BoBo: hey thanks, that means a ton!! You’re a huge inspiration :smiley:
stubobpot: thanks!
nebular: hey thanks a bunch!

First of all Welcome to ZbrushCentral :slight_smile:
Really fantastic first postings on here, really great sculpts!:+1:
That hand/chicken creature is just stunning, really nice work!
I like your headsculpts aswell, keep up the great work!
All the best and happy zbrushing,

  • Kenny:)

Hi, I really liked all your stuffs, but the turkey hand is just awesome! :+1:

I have followed your work on Polycount for awhile. Awesome to see ya over here on ZBC man.

Great stuff as always. We’ll have to get you into Zscripting forums next :stuck_out_tongue:

Great style, nice work.

Style and workflow. I think I will test some of them out tonight lol :). Maybe I am get as good as you lol.

Love your work. Timelapse was great also!

Wow, so good, yet Another Great If intimidating Inspiration to me!
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Fantastic work, love all of them.

Wow. It’s very pleasant for me.
Looking forward to the new cartoon girls :stuck_out_tongue:
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Great stuff Funky! I am really digging the stylized look there! Also its cool to see your timelapses! :slight_smile:

great sculpts, really well done

I already commented how I’m going to love this thread but I’ve just come across your work on lunchcrunch.org and MAN!!! Sweet!!! I loved your Gadget Hackwrench speed sculpt! Very nice indeed!


KC-production: Thanks man!
VictorHD: glad you dig it :smiley:
Nyx702: thanks man! and hahaha! you may just see me in those forums soon enough picking your brain :wink:
Cloudrid3r: thanks a bunch :slight_smile:
muchlove106: thanks man!
Jake Rupert: hey thanks a bunch, it’s really awesome if my work can be inspirational :slight_smile:
gonso: thanks a ton!
Daemon3d: thanks again man :slight_smile:
CrazyMatt: Oh snap! thanks man, I’m glad I got a chance to meet up with you at gdc man!
Unbeliever88: thanks a bunch!
Jonboywalton82: Hey! I love lunchcrunch! thanks a ton man :slight_smile:

I’ve witnessed how much a lot of people dislike girls with animal ears on a couple games haha but I wanted to do some anime fanart and Spice and Wolf seemed to fit the picture for the type of sculptural composition I was feeling.


I did a timelapse if anyone’s interested :slight_smile:

just beautiful, really nice sculpting and really enjoyed watching your timelapse, learned a lot of useful tricks! :+1:

Beautiful Job!..

Very beautiful, and thanks for the timelapse! It’s inspiring for me to see you working :slight_smile:

Beautiful! I like your style.

Really nice, reminds me of some Houden Eizou illustrations.
The fur and tail aren’t coming off as exceptionally furry or hair-y but that could be a conscious aesthetic choice on your part. Cool. Keep 'em coming. :wink: