fun with zbrush

its more than 5 years since my last post here, but now i have upgraded from zb1.55b to z4, and it took me some time to explore all new features. now i have some grasp of a good part of the new zbrush, and i love it … so, i thought, i say thank you to pixologic, to let me make such a huge upgrade for free, and share my newest creation… an ogre, created completely in zbrush, bpr rendered maps, and composed in photoshop… i hope you enjoy


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Hey, it’s Shreks dad-:smiley: Good work!

hi dragon, thanks ! hehe, yes, lets me think this direction, too

after all the work on him, i just wanted play,,,came up with some expressions, is really fun to create them in layers,,, enjoy



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a portrait of friedrich schiller, a great german poet that was born 1759. the reference image i used, a painting, showed him how he might have looked 1794…

![schiller_icon_zbc.jpg|110x60](upload://1SY02sXCEIv5GRVDLJhuiWZOhHG.jpeg) ![schiller_big.jpg|624x768](upload://fq7g092zbcZ8yXOghz8PamLbMQO.jpeg)

another portrait bust along classical lines, though not in marble…





with this elf, i started from the basemesh i made for the ogre, heavily pushed the polygons around, and cut away the ones below the neck… the result became this elf :smiley:



Yes, long time ago Kokoro!
happy to see your work again:+1:
Hope you are fine

hello andreseloy, so very nice to meet friend from the past. yes, i am doing fine, hope the same from you.

i had another go with the basemesh from the ogre, just added one big edgeloop to help modeling the more extreme nose and expression…

one thing, is there a way to avoid that zbrush lightens objects in shadow ? i mean the following : the top rim of the witchs ear show highlights, even though they should be in deep shadow from the hat. i have rendered ambient occlusion, and that helped at least to make the inside of the mouth darker (which also was brightly lit from the render)… what am i missing ?


are they separated object?
btw look very well!

thanks, andreseloy… yes, the bust is one mesh, hat, eyes, and hair are each one mesh, all combined in one tool.

as a break from my current project i made this speedsculpt. 2 hours sculpting, 2 hours fiddling with renders and compositing in photoshop,…i am not that easy to satisfiy … lol…




i tried to recreate the marble bust of constanza bonarelli, carved by one of my favourite sculptors, bernini… i tried to be as close as i could on her face and expression, i was deliberately loose with her hair and blouse. for these i just wanted capture the essence, but not every detail as bernini has carved it… i know, i am far from the goal, but i would like to know what you think about my attempt… so, if you see something, where i should focus my learning, please do give constructive critique




Really like the roman bust, resembles the one in Rafael Ghencev’t tutorial on roman busts, nicely done. I like the Bernini Sculpt and having seen it in person it’s a great attempt!

There was a special on Bernini (5 parts on youtube) it has a lot of info on the bust you are trying to recreate

hi d100763, i havent seen the youtube special on bernini, will definitely check it out. thanks for the hint. and, yes, i read that tutorial about roman bust first, and wanted make a similar one then. i did not try to copy his, i wanted push mine in a different direction. thanks for commenting !

have learnt recently a little more about skull anatomy, so i wanted see how it applies, and made this study piece… inspired by a sculpture of philippe faraut…



this time a female head study … worked quite some time on the render and composition, hope you enjoy the result…



Witch is a slam dunk, and Costanza also has some really nice features :+1:

thanks cherub rock, though i am not sure i understand “slam dunk” as i am not native english speaker,but i like what dictionary says it could mean :wink:

this fun piece again started from the ogre basemesh. i really love working my way up from basemeshes with few polys and good solid edgeloops… and, as this piece shows, i love too playing around long time with compositing the bpr renders in photoshop, there are so many possibilities each time to explore…