fun with zbrush

this study is based on the sculpting videos philippe fauraut has posted at youtube. my idea was to try to mimic his great modeling approach he used to create his beautiful clay portraits in zbrush, and see where it brings me. this piece, reference was one of faurauts sculpts in a video, is my first attempt… and, i tried first time my hand on lightning, so far i used matcap materials only…


…sculptures ! :slight_smile:

thanks frenchy pilou, i enjoy alot

this one is based on a design of philippe fauraut too, really love his sculpts… and, i detected the button “posable symmetry”, wow it is truely great to be able to sculpt in symmetry modus on a posed mesh.


with this project, i wanted capture an emotion that is imho so typical for children… i chose the sepia kind of finish to help to carry the feeling… i hope you enjoy…


amazing sculpts

Really enjoying your skethbook and the works within it…Great subtle emotions expressed…:+1: :slight_smile:

thank you eiad and spiritdreamer… glad you both enjoyed :slight_smile:

i made this rottweiler from the great dane model that came with zbrush. my goal was to portrait the friendlyness of these strong dogs…





one of the rare pieces i made a texture for… and the first time i made materials myself, there are 3 and one of them is a trishader… inspired by a wonderful creature i saw that was a mix of human and fish,


inspired by the lunch crunch thread, i decided to do my own spedsculpting nights. my timeframe is 2 hours, for modeling and texturing, and then another 15 minutes for lightning, rendering, and then composing in photoshop…
ok, here is the first one, its judith from the painting “judith and holofernes” by caravaggio. the model took 1 hour 15 minutes, the polypaint another 45. (i like the unpainted better, my painting skills are arrgghh, but i hope to improve them in these speedsculpting sessions :-))





Nice Caravaggio study…:+1: The Old Masters always have something good to teach and learn from…Can’t go wrong doing studies from their works…:+1:
Looking forward to seeing your next one :+1: :slight_smile:

hi spiritdreamer, i agree so much with you on the old masters :slight_smile:

this nights session i chose the old maidservant that stands besides julia in the caravaggio painting “julia and holofernes”… i ran out of time for texturing this one, as my requirement is to stop after 2 hours… this one was difficult, a plain sideview only for reference is hard… but, here she is, as good as i could get her in 2 hours…



this night, a detail from caravaggios painting “calling of saint matthew”… i got carried away with sculpting, this was a tad more than 3 hours… the first image is showing pose as in the painting, the others i added to show details





this nights speed sculpt session i chose michelangelo’s drawing “damned soul”… i should make teeth, toungue and eyes as reusable models for the speedsculpt sessions, since because of the teeth i ran out of time, stopped after 2 hours 15 minutes, left the hair really sketchy… almost looks like a dragonball character now :frowning:


Nice last one! Give us a bigger render, a little. Please…

michalis, thanks ! here you go, it is however a reworked version, as i did not like his hair at all, and so decided to work more on it… all other is as in the first post…




Cool, classic style.

hi rulonis, yes indeed. i always like classic. thanks for commenting…

this nights speedsculpt i chose to model the portrait of caravaggio, as he was drawn by ottavio leoni. … main goal was to achieve likeness in the 2 hours timeframe.


2 hours speedsculpt just for fun :slight_smile: