Full anatomy model free download

Really generous of you! It’ll be a huge help.

Anybody kind enough to decimate this and reupload it somewhere? I’m afraid even the thought of 16.5mil poly’s will make my computer explode before I get the chance to decimate it myself :o

It looks to me like it is decimated already.

I managed to put it together, but it crashes my rig quite a lot.

If anyone was feeling generous, perhaps you could make one version with only the surface anatomy, delete the internal organs and brain and all you cannot see when learning surface anatomy.

Would be great!

But still, great reference! I am sure there might be an occasion where I need to sculpt a zombie w the guts hanging out…

Wow, thanks for the tip. This is a great model ! Unbelievable it’s free. I just loaded all the Obj’s into Softimage and I’m separating the muscles from the skeleton and organs. If you have a hard time loading the whole thing, lemmie know ( ronald at toonafish dot nl ) and I could mail a link to the separated parts in my Dropbox when I’m done.

Hey all,

Nerveink has given me permission to post my attempt at taming this monster of .obj files. I have compiled and grouped all of the various parts, with the exception of the skin and hair files. This has a wopper of a polycount, and the skin and hair would have pushed it near 15 million, so I opted to exclude them. This is such a great model. I am using it as a teaching aid in my Zbrush classes at Studio Arts here in L.A. Included in the zip file is a screen grab of the whole model with the control/n hotkey inventory window.

I hope you all find it as helpful as I have.


Hit the link. You won’t be sorry!




amazing!! thank you…

Awesome share, thanks!!!

Wow this looks great. I cantdownload it at the moment as it gives an error message saying that there is to much traffic. must be good then :wink:

WOW this is great but the link doesn’t work :frowning:

Sorry guys. Dropbox has suspended the file for three days and throttled my account. I guess their idea of file sharing is bunk. I am swamped today teaching so I don’t have time yet to upload to another host. Will do it asap. If anyone else who has already downloaded wants to repost in the meantime, then feel free.

sorry again,


Sorry about the delay. My wonderful wife came through in a pinch.

New link - http://www.gigashare.in/<wbr>8bfd8

Thanks for the original, and thanks Carver for chopping down the work. Really generous! Downloading it now.

Thank you man!

Thanks so much. Another easy option is Google Drive. 5 gigs free or 25 gigs is only $2.50 a month if I recall right. Fast, easy and no throttling or Torrent nonsense. You just post the link and people go to the file and download at full speed. I’ve just started using it to make moving files from home to work to home easier instead of worrying about a flash drive I keep forgetting. Synch’s to all your devices.

I don’t mean to sound like an advertisement but for me a cheap solution, less than a cup of coffee a month.

Thanks a lot for your share, nerveink!! you helped out a lot of people with this great model! Apreciate the whole work done for it and I apreciate that you shared it for free, also thank you carver for your work! Very usefull!!!

This is the best open source resource I have seen seen in decades and i will endlessly be grateful for your generosity in sharing.

Thanks man. :wink:


Sorry for asking, but all links is dead, even original ftp.

Would anybody be so kind to re-upload please?

I can provide ftp if you need.

Thank you in advance!

I will re upload to WeTransfer. It will take a few hours, but I will post the link when it is done.

Alrighty…New Dowload Link is - https://www.wetransfer.com/downloads/15371a74e2d9711f6fa697d13f2b76b120130405001416/3621c3f2e10193fa8ee0df65abe03a9120130405001416/a3220c

Enjoy. Only good until April 19th.


The original down is still available at the original creator’s website:

They have added a licence confirmation.