Full anatomy model free download

Hello everyone.

I wanted to share with you guys something. this is a 3d model of a full body male. It has just about every muscle group, every bone and almost all organs.
This is probably the most comprehensive 3d anatomy model Ive ever seen.
And now its here. Avalible for download. For free!!!

Credit goes to Database Center for Life Science
Research Organization of Information and Systems
for putting this model together.


link for download.


and another link

mesh reduced to 1 percent of original poly count.
Mesh is extremely heavy and has thousands of parts.



Its requesting a password to download it. Looks very impressive though. Would love to see more views of it and is it scanned from a real life cadaver?

Looks like incredible reference!

Downloading fine, no password needed for me.

I have downloaded it, and man, that is a lot of obj files! A word of advice to all who should be downloading this amazing model, import the first obj in the list, then go to plugins, subtool master, multi append. The number of files you can grab in one import will depend on your system. I was importing 50 files at a time, and it took about an hour. Well worth it though! Really well done.

The total poly count is about 16,5 million. He ain’t lyin’, the only thing missing is the kitchen sink. I would love to see the high res version of this.

Well done!

This is awesome. Many thanks. Downloading now. Looking forward to seeing it all.


Wow, thanks for this, the model is looking really nice :+1:










Thanks a lot for posting this Nerveink! It looks like it’s a great resource.

I checked out the original site, because I wanted to know about licensing. For anyone else wondering the same, here’s the link to the English DL page at the LSDB Archive:
You can also find links to text files describing what parts each obj covers there.
Also related is the “Anatomogram” online viewer. It’s a bit difficult to get your head around at first, but might be useful/convenient:

Anyway, thanks again, this is gonna be really useful!

Great ref - big thanks

And, maybe this could be useful for someone - its free.

great reference man! endless gratitude from me. if i can suggest, why don’t put on the thumb image some text to let the users know of this valuable resource? sometimes those things aren’t noticed in the fast trnaround of the thumbs :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for this!!!

Incredible reference, thanks for sharing!

Great find,thanks!:sunglasses:


Very kind!
Thanks so much for this great ref.!!

Thanks for the Awesome Reference :slight_smile:

Great resource!..
I might just sit down one day and name all the parts. :wink:


Thanks, it’ s a very impressive work !

Very generous of you! Looking forward to dissecting and learning from this…
Thank you very much!

THANKS A LOT! for this generous gift
Also thanks to suder teeg000 for the awesome references :slight_smile: