Fresh Stuff

I’m going to try to keep all my stuff on this thread from now on, just to keep track of it and so that everyone can get the most out of watching me struggle to get some work done. Here’s some new work, of course, not done yet either, but soon If work lets up I’ll have a little more to post along with all the previous posts if I can get some help from the administrator to collect all of the other posts together, for this one thread. Here go’s…
razor_02 copy.jpg

here are some links to other stuff on ZBC


toung01 copy.jpg

Really fun stuff. I am a fan.

Very good work.
Beautiful sculptures and very original idea

The second evokes me the gargoyles (gargouilles) of " Notre Dame de Paris "

Great sculpt, superior design.
Really creative stuff.

…indeed :slight_smile:
Here a cool site :cool:

Wow! Those are great! I love see interesting anatomy like that, makes a change from all the other boring bipeds

Really nice Creatures!

About time something new came along :slight_smile:
Can’t wait to see more stuff from you.


beautiful form and feature lines. Very elegant.

Wow really nice models. Very elegant like 0bz states…Neat stuff

The Razor Character is AWESOME! Great design! The cervical looks a bit weird to me, but hey! it’s a really cool design afterall!

How high’s the poly count? And will it have a full body?
I’d really like to see this one finished

Great model! :+1:

Did I mentioned that the face is AWESOME? :roll_eyes: :+1:

LOL very interesting character and very good modeling !!

PSTCHOART & SolidSnakexxx…thanks very much. 0bz…I try.
Mr.Monster…I try to be as orginal as my brain will let me.
Silhouette93…I’m a big believer in making it make sence, even if it only makes strange sence.
Frenchy Pilou, Okssipin & Marc Boulay…Thanks!, I love to design these “things”, I’m Happy you like them.
LittleDedder…My first one, cool.
Elarcano “Razor” is at 4849664 ploys to do the next level of details. There is a body designed for him but, I have not started modeling it yet. I’m currantly making some new alpha’s and trying to wrap my head around bump mapping and painting etc, for all the characters. I seem to get to a certian stage while working on several designs at once and then it takes a while to cross the threshold into the final details. I’m ready to texture Mr. Dimples, I think that will be the first one out of the gate. Thank you to every one who responded, I’ll try to blow some sock off with the next one. here’s a sneak peak.
rham_battle cry.jpg“Rhan Battle Cry Concept Painting”

top row sculpting ;]

The first character is very fresh I love it. Badass.

Great creatures! More! More!

KrakenCMT thanks I’ll see what I can do about that, I had a good look through your web page, I like your work alot, its very imaginative.
cass83… thanks, bad ass bad ass bad ass, i just like the way it sounds.
slocik… if I ever get one with final textures, and rendered i’ll be happy. Top row, I would be in fine company in deed, and that would be cool.

well, it’s been a while but i’m getting back to work on these pc’s. has any one run into this problem. when i start to change the materials it appears not to effect the whole sculpt. before i can move forward i hope some one has run into and soved this problem before. got a color scheme in the works and i’m installing softimage this weekend to start learning.

it looks to me like it is partially masked. try hitting the clear mask button and see if it solves your prob

thanks i’ll give it a go…nope it still will not effect the entire sculpt. everything but the fast shader seems to do the same thing…

Looks like UV issue to me.