Free ZTL Model from Nick Zuccarello (new VIDEO page 9 added 8/7/08)

Free ZTL Model Donated by Nick Zuccarello

When I interviewed NickZ back in June he mentioned that he was working on a full-figure follow up to the human head model that he offers through Gnomonology. I’ve been privately keeping an eye out ever since, waiting to snatch up a copy of the model just as soon as it became available. There was no doubt that Nick was going to do an amazing job with it.

Well, that day has now arrived, but with a huge surprise. Even though its creation has taken him three years of love and hard work, Nick Zuccarello is generously donating the model to the ZBrushCentral community! Talk about an amazing level of community involvement!

Here are the particulars concerning this creation, as presented by him:

:large_orange_diamond: :large_orange_diamond: :large_orange_diamond:Click Here to Download:large_orange_diamond: :large_orange_diamond: :large_orange_diamond: (63 MB WinRAR File)
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Additional versions for non-ZBrush 3 users, in WinRAR download format:
Subdivision Level 1 OBJ
Subdivision Level 2 OBJ
Subdivision Level 3 OBJ
Subdivision Level 4 OBJ
Subdivision Level 5 OBJ

ZBrush 2 Version ZTL

Please be sure to thank Nick for this incredible contribution. It really is a top-flight example of why ZBrushCentral was created in the first place. Thank you, NickZ!



Thank you VERY much Mr Zuccarello! :+1:

Wonderful UV unwarping and very precise mesh topology and very clean Group division.


Wow, thank you so much Nick, for sharing! :slight_smile:

:grimacing: thanks… this is a great starting point for sculpts

Thank you verry much for this model!

It is wonderfull to see how the light is spreading all over the Earth.

Thank you Nick, I will learn a great deal from analyzing this exellent model. I’m in the middle of making a base human mesh of my own so this will be a truly valuable resource.

Its fantastic to see that selflessness still exists! This is inspirational and I fully intend to share the fruits of my labour with the community as you have done so generously.

Thank you very much Nick. You’re setting a great example !

im having trouble downloading the file.

keeps giving me a txt file

Thanks so much for this contribution, just analyzing this tool alone is great for anatomy studies! I wonder, is it UV mapped also?

Anyways thanks again, this is much appreciated! :+1: :+1:

:slight_smile: thanks Nick :slight_smile:

Thank you very for this beautiful peice of art it is much appreciated. Thanks again.


Wow! Amazing contribution! Thank you VERY much.


There is more joy in giving then there is in receiving. Thanks for the free gift! :+1:

Many thanks, Nick! It is an amazing study … I suspect your contribution will open the door to more artists’ contributions. Your generousity and words, are humbling. Pidama yi ye

Thanks Nick.

On the txt file, just change the extension manually to rar and expand… works all the time.

Thank you , it is very helpful for me.

In my Thread somebody said they want to help me. It is a good example.

Man this is fantastic! Nick your the man. Thanks for setting an example and keep running the race.

incredible, inspirational, and selfless. Nick, you’re an inspiration to us all.

Very Very generous from your part, very appreciated mate! This is very useful for an amateur artist as me, i’ll for sure learn a lot of the sculpting human bodies dynamics!