Free ZTL Model from Nick Zuccarello (new VIDEO page 9 added 8/7/08)

Thanks man…
this is very generous of you…:smiley:

First time i thank someone here (shame on me:o), but that’s a really deserved one.
Great model! Thank you very much!

Thank you for the great model, but thanks even more for the powerful message. “Freely you have been given. Freely, give.” - Matthew 10:8

i’m awestruck… thank you Nick for this beautifully crafted model and thanks ZbrushCentral; its people like nick and everyone else here that make this place such a magnificent community of artists. Truely there is no other place like this! :smiley:

:+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:



Such a generosity won’t be forgotten Nick!
Thank you very much!!! :smiley: :+1:

Wow…I am surprised this made top row…the religion part I mean. If someone gives away a car model can he preach the Koran, claiming we are ALL children of Allah? Would the forum admins encourage someone to espouse the virtues of Scientology or the Raelians with a free creature model, with a top row stage for those ideas to boot? How about a nice dose of atheism with a well-done environment, free for download?

I understand people have their genuine beliefs…but just as well, there is genuine dissent. Many of us find these ideas intellectually and morally offensive. Just because there’s a free model attached doesn’t mean some of us won’t speak up in opposition…but do we really want religious debates on Z-Brush forums?

That said, I do think the model is deserving of top row…but please, spare the sermons. If ye want to preach…go to YouTube, make a blog, write a journal…join a church. You get the idea.

At the very least, don’t expect everyone to agree with your message or accept it because it comes with a nice model. I mean, Jim Carrey is a funny guy, but I don’t want to hear his wacky ideas about the ‘dangers of vaccination’ in his next comedy role. Know what I mean?

And now, food for thought:

‘But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly’. -Matthew 6:6

Final note, Pixologic will delete any post it doesn’t like. They’ve deleted several more of my posts later in this thread. :frowning:

thnx Nick Zuccarello,
1 contribution from my side tooo, plz take a look


pasword is
msm msm.jpg

Thankyou so much, extremely appreciated :):):)…

Thanks Nick! This is so generous of you.:smiley:

Dan - Let me start by saying that I am not a Christian so my intent is not to defend the message itself but more so the rights of Pixologic to allow the post, and for NickZ to make the post in the first place.

This is a forum run by a private company and are not required to be impartial, even though I’ve seen no evidence of such the point is even if there was what is and is not allowed on their forums is solely their prerogative. As for being ‘morally and intellectually’ offended, personally I’m more offended by your rather rude dissenting response than the original post even though I’m not Christian simply because I dislike intolerance of all kinds. (and yes, I probably should have just ignored your post but I’m a sucker like that…)

Anyhow, that aside the model was a generous contribution - cheers, and thanks.

Wow! Thanks a lot, Nick! Extremely generous of you.:+1:

I’ll be sure to give this a good look-over and will keep you posted, should I use this tool as-is or the inspiration derived from it for a future project of mine in one way or another.

Many thanks again.:slight_smile:


PS: Many thanks to MSMBrush as well! :slight_smile:

Couldn’t agree more with you! This is offensive on a few levels. Technically, this “gift” is available only to people that share the same beliefs as this guy!

I guess the line “To take this gift… all you need to do to is reach out to our creator and start a relationship with our Father” means that atheists like myself aren’t welcome to take it. But then, it hardly qualifies as a gift then, does it? Aren’t gifts unconditional? Sounds more like bargaining to me: “I’ll give you this, IF you do this”. I’m surprised at Pixologic endorsing this kind of thing. Talk about a way to alienate your userbase. You’d never see this kind of thing on an Autodesk forum. Can you imagine! “Autodesk would like to present this model to the community, but the author has specified that only users who accept his particular brand of beliefs may download and use it”. It’s so ridiculous it beggars belief.

This thread shouldn’t be about religion, it should be about some guy giving away some work for free, so why tarnish a good deed with offensive statements such as his?

Wow! Really impressive work Nick, and thanks thank thanks for this model.

thanks :smiley:

and yes, what is all of this religious stuff I’ve been seen in ZBrush Central lately? :confused: no disrespect

No offence but wow you guys are taking this way out of context!
This is a free world and no one is being forced to download this ZTool.
It’s on the top row because of how well it is sculpted, not becuase of the message that came with it. People make personal comments all the time of ZBrushcentral and not always related to ZBrush.

Let’s all just try to relax and not get all ofended here.

Enjoy the model and leave it at that.

Peace people!!!

Hello to everyone, hello to you, of every religion you are,

please calm down… This is a CG forum, please, we must talk about ZBBrush and our projects…

Yes, like Dan-Burke, I think that, here, the religion is in a wrong place (as the politics)…

But exist the freedom of the words and everyone can express himself as he wont, BUT WITHOUT offend every single user of this forum.

I think that Mr. Zuccarello is a great ZBrusher but his religious opinion don’t care me. I like his generosity and his professionalism, but I don’t like the Bible mentions…

But I DON’T think that MrZuccarello offend someone, it ONLY wrote with his style, and WE must have the same maturity to interpret and select the informations.

I hope that we can collaborate togheter as a big work team, WITHOUT businness purpose and WOTHOUT religious purpose.

Many thanks to Mr Zuccarello for his model and for the sharing purpose!


Thanks alot NickZ ! great !

Thanks alot NickZ ! great !
>> PEACE <<

Hey I didn’t meen to insult anyone or question their faith… just doing a comment about that. I’m not saying that he has to delete his post or whatever…

Thanks for the model , about the religious message , just ignore it , from the moment there is a download link , it became public property.