Free ZBrush Video Tutorials from Glen Southern

We have three free video tutorials and one text tutorial from Glen Southern at KURV studios.

The free videos cover head modeling and more…

Let us know what you think, thanks!

Logged on, filled out form, signed in got the following error
message that cannot be changed no matter what is done.
Site itself looks great except most links are under construction.
Hard to believe Mr. Southern affiliated with this.
Best of luck, have feeling you will need it.


Email me with your full name at and we will get this fixed for you.

Not sure what you mean about most links being under construction… the site is fine and has been up and running for almost a year now. We have seen some AOL issues in the past, maybe this is the problem.

But were committed to helping folks that have issues in a timly manner. Please give us a chance to look into things :smiley:

Thanks bicc39!

You guys did the video tuts on this months 3DWorld cover disc right???

Are these the same tuts as the link above???

Many thanks, I will however pass.
Seriously, the best of luck.
Ps. great selection under Maya.

I’m still waiting for my registration email… :rolleyes:

On a side note I have been trying for the past week to view the Silo modeling videos that Glen did for you. He has a link to them on his website. I got to see the first two but every one of the others comes up “File Not Found”. I guess you weren’t expecting to use up so much bandwidth and decided to sereptiously remove the files???

Worked for me right of the bat.

Got the free tut’s. Nice! I’ll definitely try a Bulls Head myself 8-). And I found a BodyPaint tutorial… Yesssssssssss. I was looking for one for AGES as the 600pages of references are great but unusable as introduction…


Wow im watching the first head modeling video and it’s very good, I am enjoying it, still got the others to watch, thanks for informing us about these free tutorials kurv.

very solid stuff!!! Thank you Kurv and Glen for making this available! :+1: :+1:


Well, no, we do over 400 gigs a month anyway. We had to change the delivery method for them and zipped the files.

I will ask Glen to update the links :slight_smile:

@Mentat7 - Email me at

If anyone has difficulty getting in email me we will get you in ASAP…

lemonnado, PHatalitY, ryankingslien thank you!!!

Hi Wes,
Just to let you know that everything is fine with my registration !
and thanks again for the free tutorials!


Thanks Lucky_1 !! Glad your enjoying the tutorials…!

First time that I can listen the Master’s voice of sculpting! :wink:
Brilliant lesson :+1:

Sorry to say but when I logged on I got

  • [list]Account is not yet activated, please active your account first.

    But I’ve already activated my account & I get a message telling me as much when I try to activate my account again. ?



The mistake is the username !
You must take your email adress as username !!!
And all works fine :cool:
You can see Alien, Dragon woolf and Horny beast modeling cession commented by Glen himself:cool:

Then maybe that should be made clear? I’m not a member of that many forums but every other one I know of allows a user name which is seperate from your email address, presumably because people don’t always want to put their email up on a forum post. Also in the forum registration form it asks for a user name and also for your email address as a seperate entry. So, to be sure, I must enter my email address in the user name field?


That works like that for me!
When you make your first inscription, you receive an email
Follow consign, and here put your email adress as usename!
Hope this help!
Try it :slight_smile:
This Kurvy site works in inusual manner but have crazzy free tuts :cool:

I registered this morning with absolutely no problems, and what a tremendouse selection of free introductory tutorials.
A big thanks to Kurve and Glen for your much appreciated efforts.
Zbrush and Silo tuts are just the job.

Thanks again guys


You’re right Frenchy. Call me Mr. Grumpy if you want but I am a bit dubious. I got the activation email and followed it but no luck. I’ve tried to click it again but I get the message that my account is already activated and I should log in. Ah! Too many words for too small a problem. I’ll just register with a different user name. But merci pour le advice mon petit pomegranate.


Had same problem yesterday, tried most of the day.
From what I understand, they are looking into the problem.
Pilou. problem exists for some people no matter how they log
on. I think that part of the problem is the site recognizes your isp
number on the computer.
Even when I would log on and off, error message stayed same.
Glad it is just a few of us.