Free models for ecorche and anatomy study

For the last half year or so I’ve been making this 3d copy of a plastic skeleton to use as an anatomy reference, I still need to finish the hands and feet but everything else is done. For now I’ve uploaded the skull and ribcage to filesonic, the rest will follow… Excellent for building digital ecorche! And did I mention completely free!!

The skull is divided into polygroups for all teeth and seperate jaw. The ribcage is also divided into polygroups for each pair of ribs breastbone and the pieces of the spinal column. You can use the splitgroup under the subtoolmenu to split the polygroups into subtools, that way you could merge the lowerteeth to the jaw and upperteeth to the skull, making the jaw movable.

Filesonic link for skull - skull
Filesonic link for ribcage - Ribcage

EDIT : Bas Mazur made a retopology of the skull, cut down the number of polygons in cranium and jaw, should be easier to work with. Note that the teeth in this model have higher polygone count and are all one polygroup.

The rest of the skeleton will follow…






Thanks hummel1dane, very generous of you to share this.

Yes, very generous of you .Thanks you

thanks alot for sharong!!!

Thanks hummel1dane this will come in handy someday!

I printed your Skull out and thought you might like to see it. Great Job. I printed this just as a test for the printer.Skull front.jpg


Skull w Jaw.jpg

Thanks, nice!!

MassFX: I sent you a private message :slight_smile:

MassFX - WOW! That is awesome! And so small, I don’t understand how it’s possible, 3d printers are still sci-fi in my universe.

I’m really glad you guys like this, I’ll be uploading a lot more in the future.
Here are the shoulderblades and clavicles that goes with the model, in two different subtools.
Filesonic link : Shoulderblades and Clavicles

Amazing, thanks so much for sharing this great stuff!

Rusti - your welcome!

Model of the pelvis, the topology got a bit messed up, I accidently made it hollow in the sides, also it’s very bumpy the way it is now. Could do with a make-over, but for reference it should be ok.
An important thing to mention, I attempted to make this a guys pelvis, but the plastic model I used as reference was from a girl, so there might be some anatomical inaccuracies. I did use images from anatomical books to adjust it, but I’m not sure how succesful I was.

It is complete with ligaments, divided into different polygroups - the ligaments are important because that’s where some muscles attach.

Filesonic link : Pelvis




Looks great again! Did you scan the plastic model (because of the strange topology)? I made a new topology for the skull with ZB, hell of a job :stuck_out_tongue:
Maybe I do the other parts too when I have 3D coat.

Thanks Bas Mazur, I build all the models from zsketch, but accidently made a part of the pelvis hollow, problem is I don’t really know how much is hollow, I had to turn backfacemasking on and off all the time while sculpting, there might still be some places where the inside crosses the outside due to backfacemasking turned on.
The skull was made with zsketch, but I did a remesh at one point that changed the topology a lot, I think the cranium part is still hollow as it was in the beginning but I’m not sure.
I’m not that good with topology so it would be cool if you’d improve it. I just wonder if you could upload the new versions somewhere? It would be really cool!!

It’s not the best topology but a good one to work with. I also opened the holes of the nose.


Bas Mazur - Thanks that’s awesome! Easier to transform and fewer polygons :smiley:

This is the thyroid bone with the adam’s apple attached. I won’t do the windpipe, I don’t think it becomes visible enough. This is a males adam’s apple(thyroidcartilage), 90* angle, women have about 120* angle

Filesonic link : Structures of the throat

Great files and appreciate the work you put into them.I’m still a newb but hopefully will get to both of your levels of craftmanship!

Printed out your ribcage & shoulder blades. Gave the skull an expression, attached verterbrae with a support and attached shoulder blades to ribs.
positioned skeleton recaled.jpg


positioned skeleton back rescaled.jpg

positioned skeleton side recaled.jpg

Loving this!
Seeing it come to life in the real world is also quite a kick!

Incredible Quality !

Pretty cool of you to offer the files for free. The 3D prints look cool also.