Free Custom Zbrush Brushes

I have had these listed on my site for a while and have had 1000s of downloads.Here are some custom brushes I made mostly for environment sculpting. I am going to be adding quite a few more soon. If anyone has any requests for types of brushes etc, let me know as well. I just updated my website as well. So if you are interested here they are. Use them as you wish. I only ask that you do not change the names of them and repost them yada yada. I am tracking the brushes from my site to keep track of which are the most popular and such so feel free to link to my site but please don’t repack and repost.


Here are ones to expect soon.

  • Scales (Alien, Lizard, etc etc.)
  • Leaf (Veins for use on existing leaf models)
  • Bullet Holes
  • Impact Crater
  • Cloth Stroke Brush (with gravity)
  • Rope
  • Bricks
  • Mech/Tech
  • Wood Grain
  • Rust Patch
  • Eye Iris (I will try this, was suggested through email)
  • Bolts, Screws, etc
  • Gears
  • Pipes
  • Organic

Feel free to drop me an email or post for any requests.Enjoy!





Man, these will be so useful! Thank you for your generosity and time!

Thanks so much. A very useful gift. :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Ok so I decided to do some gear brushes first as a full set. I have 2 more gear sets on the way. Although its now 2:30am and I am tired. So more to come soon! Enjoy! Scroll down they are at the bottom of the page. I might change the layout of the page as it grows.zbrushbrushes_gearset1.jpg


Thank you a lot! I really love Environmental brushes!!

Thank you for your brushes…I can’t have too many brushes!

Thank you for sharing your awesome brushes :cool:
Beers for you my friend _/ _/

Thank you again.

Thank you for sharing! The drag brushes are epic!

Thanks very much! Look forward to trying these out.

Well I decided to finish the first Tech Set. So here ya go! I am going to add to this set if there is the demand. I have about 30 more alphas to convert. So if you guys like this set let me know and I will add to it.zbrushbrushes_techset1.jpgHope you enjoy!-Michael

Wonderful brushes! Thanks for sharing them!

Is there any way you could add zips of the entire themed brush collections?

Downloaded and donated.
Thanks a lot!

Thank you very much!

Eventually I might do this, but for now I am tracking each individual brush to see what people are more into. Basically its a little marketing research. I have plans for literally 100s of brushes. So eventually the format of how I give them out will have to change. But for now, I am afraid this is it. But they only take 2 seconds to download each one, just click click click :stuck_out_tongue: Unless you are on dialup??? :wink:

Thanks for sharing! Really great :+1:

I am about halfway done with the skin brushes. I shall apologize ahead of time. It is really hard to get a good thumbnail of skin texture to show the way I am doing the thumbnails now, so you wont be able to tell what the texture really looks like until you use them. But so far I have 10 done and they are work well. There should be about 30 in the set unless I get tired of making them lol. Look for them soon!

Next will be screws and bolts I believe.


Thank you. :slight_smile: These look really good.

I’m excited to see them, thanks for your efforts!:slight_smile: