KC-production - Thanks for the reply, and no the guns here made in 3ds max and painted in zbrush,and thanks for the great words, hope i can finish this comic! Corey - I create the shader using the lightcap, you just create a ligh whith the aperture at 180, and you push the strenght to the minimum until it gets dark, after that you create another light, whith the aperture that you want, and the fallof to 0, after that you can create another lights for the environment playing whit the fallof and the aperture!for the composition in photoshop I make some adjustments to the cartoon color, add some lines for the ink effect, add textures very softly using overlay or softlight, burn and sature some parts and its done!

Thanks man, i’ll love to to see it.
Btw, this last character is great.

more updates!!




Wow, that really looks nice the way you captured the comic style,And the models are impressive as well. I wonder if you can get a similar effect for the ink outline if you use the outline material and inverted it to make it outlined in black?

I like the nerf revolver

really great stuff congrats

that is stunning mate - looking amazing that cartoon shader:+1:
Would be like christmas if you could tell us alittle of your shader and settings man :slight_smile:
Keep them coming, digging your style big time!

  • Kenny:)

I there!
thanks for all the replys, and the good words!
well once i have finish all the comic pages i will post a little making of or tutorial here to see my technique, its not very diferente from the technique of Luxo, the diference that I create a draw shader whith the sketch material in zbrush,
the lightcap is very helpfull for color base with the falloff down (polypaint on),and the toon shader(polypaint off), and in lightcap i create the High lights using to source lights (one coold,one warm, in a very black material whith the polypaint off ) and i add a metal shader for the lightenup!
After all that render i make the comp in photoshop, and create adicional strokes in the draw/ink shader, after that i burn and saturate some parts!
but i will explain all that soon, keeping the good work people!

Hey people, here is a tutorial of the technique I use for my comic book!

That is looking awesome, man!:+1:
Will try your tutorial as soon as I get some time over :slight_smile:

Hey, here is an ilustration whith my technique!


Looking great.
I’ve been working towards something like this with Blender, with the intention of doing a comic book.
I have to ask, how are you going to deal with lighting during camera angle changes if rendering with Zbrush?
It seems you would have to recreate the lighting setup for every single camera angle change if you want the lighting to look consitant.
Right? If you have a strong blue rim light on the left side, then you move the camera behind the subject, your light is on the wrong side now…
It seems so cumbersome, which is why I’m trying the idea with a full 3D scene package.

You’ve done what I plan to do, and have done it really well, which is to draw over the render in a way that makes it a real hybrid. Simple line edge renders tend to look dead, which is probably why we still haven’t seen to many good 3D comics yet.

Man, that is something amazing. Thank you for sharing the technique.

nice :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

updates:another concept!


BPR test!


was the toon shader look rendered in bpr?

Just wanted to say a big thank you for posting your rendering process! Very useful!

Wicked nice man!
Love the video!


Awesome, great aplication for illustration amazing, great job, really original!! :slight_smile: