Frank Tzeng's sketchbook

Hey guys :slight_smile:
Just want to create a sketchbook thread and starting to post some of my school works here, and i would love to get some critiques and advices from all the amazing artists in here, thanks! :smiley:
This is a old saxophone man that i did for one of my class

For this final image i used maya mentalray to render, and Photoshop to add some final touch

zbrusg sculpting

other view of zbrush sculpting

character turnaround

zbrush polypaintfinal 4.jpgzbrush sculpting 1.jpgzbrush sculpting 2.jpgzbrush sculpting turnaround.jpgzbrush polypainting.jpg


zbrush sculpting turnaround.jpg

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My only crit on this is with the fingers. There’s something that seems unnatural about them. Secondly the sax doesn’t seem to be “in” his hands at all. I used to play the sax, the instrument didn’t really lay on my body, the weight was carried by a neck strap and supported on the thumbs alone. Here everything’s just floating. Beyond that, the expression on his face is convincing. He really seems to be enjoying his music! The details on the skin and all the creases and wrinkles are outstanding!

Great! I think rendering isn’t really good, looses all the fine detail you sculpted. Really thankful for showing the sculpt itself :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Jerick: Thanks for the crit, i totally agree with you, the sax is not in his hand at all, lol. i will pay more attention next time when i export things out of Zbrush, thanks man!

cherub_rock: yea i was trying to get all my sculpting details into my maya rendering, but it does not show as much as i thought it would, i think its because my displacement map and normal map, still learning how to make those maps better, but im glad that you enjoy the sculpting, thanks for the critique.

hands sculpting and polypaint, C&C are very welcome

![hand_anatomy_study1.jpg|1100x810](upload://2wAYeou5PeKn8osJOZKshJHpVvf.jpeg)![hand_anatomy_study2.jpg|1100x819](upload://lqaMYabwlBJg7XwB326a5LaVL6t.jpeg)![hand polypaint.jpg|1100x737](upload://6XWIj7FAxyZuPCOA6emFAqJFtAQ.jpeg)


Here is an other one of my class project, use zbrush, max, and photoshop, hope you guys like it. C&C are welcome, thanks! frank_robot_final+light2(smaller).jpg

Here is a model i finished a while ago, just want to share with you guys and hear some critiques, i started with his anatomy, then his vest…and so on

boots detail and polypaint

added vest

![turnaround.jpg|1100x1200](upload://7cr83F7kA2rFVieXbApOMIndD7d.jpeg)![7_2 (2).jpg|925x855](upload://u3kFKqT0twzX3xG3Aj27vsgOrs.jpeg)![7_2 (1).jpg|1100x428](upload://7y9zaxm1bxIB86LFFb6pvL0Q1e.jpeg)![all_side1.jpg|900x900](upload://2q7flyhh4XsMT5KcBaAF8k91xpF.jpeg)![all_side3.jpg|900x900](upload://ZouVMmJ5HYHoueAgOlrQZCXDdd.jpeg)![thum2.jpg|180x100](upload://pBlytOonoh3Jq9JgC2CBG7Re32m.jpeg)



7_2 (1).jpg

pretty sweet work there.

Wow! Incredible, just incredible.


Hey thanks a lot rouncer and EricShawn, glad you guys like it

Here are some other renders, i put a Sci-fi helmet on him and as well as some gears, and also design to make his back more sci-fi feeling, but for now i dont really like the mask part, maybe ill change it and redesign it later.

his back

helmet and gears

zbrush turnaround




i really like your inusual helmet!
Great work!

Lol I see that he is a defender of Hyrule - I noticed the triforce on his belt. Amazing work top row :smiley:

I liked every detail from your work!:sunglasses:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Great work man. I like the non-spacesuit guy. His face has character!

nice frank! :wink:

@ ROXE thanks man, well i like the back of his helmet, but not the front of his mask tho, trying to change it a bit

@ u3190 He is lol, im gald you notice that small detail, thanks a lot!!

@ Ardox Thanks man, glad you like it :slight_smile:

@ tobbeo Thanks a lot, yea i like his face too, but i was hoping ill give him more character after i added his helmet, still working on that, thanks tho!!

@ truedeja Thanks Jason, lol

Hey guys, here are some small update, i like the back of the helmet i made for him, but i didnt really like the mask, therefore i changed the design and re-sculpt it, and i also added a sci-fi power glove for him to make him more sci-fi look, i “hope” he feels better now!!
C & C are more then welcome!!

Front view

Back view

zbrush view

![new_mask_side1.jpg|1000x1000](upload://lns450GYj7BWrzhrC2AOYj89EkI.jpeg)![new_mask_side3.jpg|1000x1000](upload://cHj14r8JuEl3GcZFQgKLV1UTPbI.jpeg)![new Front 1.jpg|1100x803](upload://iE93EYPgPpfYEQ8lyZFLBKsZY9r.jpeg)


new Front 1.jpg

This looks pretty fantastic! glad you changed the helmet mask cuz the first one just wasnt as cool as the rest of him. also, im not crazy about the face but thats a personal pref;) Can I ask how you are rendering these? some of them look really great, almost clay like. if this is all in zbrush, i would love to see your settings! thanks!

Super, I like it a lot !! I’d see the glove a little thicker, but I’m no expert here, I only have to learn from your work. I just think that the glove might have a little more stuffing, more on the heavy side like the rest of the musculature and armour, anyway :+1:

Sweet sculpt:+1: