Frank Tzeng's sketchbook

nicely done !!!
i just hope that i could texture it and do the light :stuck_out_tongue:

keep going and make us dream

You’ll right now the mask is so beautifull than first!
What program do you use?

Really nice work, can’t help thinking tho that since you’ve added hi-tech helmet and gloves the BPV doesn’t match. Think you need some similar armour shapes from the helmet to tie it together. Fantastic work tho.

@ sarakawa thanks man, i am glad i changed the mask too lol, and the clay renders you saw were using Vray in max, others were just in zbrush, just tell me if you need, i would love share my vray render setting with you. :slight_smile:
btw, i really like the design of your DW V Entry too, great gob!!

@ cltax Thanks for the suggestion, really appreciated, i actually did change the glove thicker before, but i just didnt think it looks right, but thanks anyway!! :slight_smile:

@ Dman3d Thanks, man, i like your creatures too, they are very creative, thanks for sharing too. :+1:

@ ociyo Thanks man, i will keep it up!! hope you will more like him the next time i update :wink:

@ ROXE thanks a lot!! :slight_smile: i like the mask more now too. lol i started from zsphere and shadowbox, retopo and detailed in zbrush, and rendered in vray 3ds max.
BTW, your links blow dont really work, couldnt link to your portfolio, just let you know.

@ ezekiel6 Thanks for the suggestion, i agree with you, but if i want to change that now, i will need to change all of his suit and everything. lol, i am not sure i will have that kinda time to do it over once again, but thanks anyways, ill keep that in mind next time!! :stuck_out_tongue:

this last 2 r really fantastic :wink:

Thank you warned me, now I fixed the link!

Great design on the helmet and glove.
This guy looks like he’s ready to go against something from the
Aliens or Predator movies.

@ v3rtigo thanks man, glad you like them

@ ROXE welcome man, i love your stuff, your drawings are really good, a lot of cool style, love your sci-fi design, maybe ill model your 2d character someday. :wink:

@ allenatl thanks man. and yes he is ready!!! just bring it on!!! lol


guys thanks for all the compliment!! i really appreciated!!
Here are some update, i think he need a weapon so i model a gun in a day and put it on him, and also added more detail like the grenades and posed him as well. i think ill call it done for now.
C & C are always welcome, thanks!!!

Zbrush turnaround with gun

Max Clay render

Gun design and polypaint

![with gun2.jpg|1000x1000](upload://rGPMWg6J7ALMvjS5k6Ft3aX6Abt.jpeg)![gun_all_around.jpg|1000x750](upload://fcvbq7ILEKwLRMjVqd9uZbIueMW.jpeg)![with-gun1.jpg|1100x771](upload://uQf0m3ZRKjRrWDJ1NQtyIzmW7Yc.jpeg)



Hi Frank_Tzeng, thankyou very much for compliments made ​​me very happy, and knowing that you want to turn a 2D to 3D has made me very happy!
Thanks a lot!
The model is wonderful I look forward to the final texture rendering!

amazing detailing! keep it up. i think the pants are not as detailed as the rest of the equipment and other organic parts, though. as much as i really like the model and pose, the pants are the only thing that offset the overall image for me IMO. still, im really looking forward to more!

The tech detailing in the piece makes me want the kneepads to be treated less conventionally. Maybe they would have some gel pad or gas venting?

Amazing!!! i love all the detail you got on him, really bring a lot of characteristic to him, great job man!!! :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

Very cool character, love the gloves with the bare arms look, the gun and grenade and other accessory details. Though I liked the first mask better, the work it top notch and has great details. Well done keep posting!

Niceee, great Jobb :+1:

@ ROXE you are welcome :slight_smile:

@ Radeus Thank you for point that out, i agree with you, i was thinking at least add some fabric detail on his pants, but i guess i forgot to do it, ill go back and add that, thanks a lot!! and man, i love your sculpting too, especially your armor and clothes, they look amazing!!!

@ Old Man Vetex thanks for your suggestion, and i think is a good idea, but i kinda want ppl to focus on his mask and arms, but thanks anyway!! :smiley:

@ Joce thanks, glad you like him.

@ d100763 thank you a lot. ill keep posting, i really enjoying doing the detail on him.

@ guilhermeluccas Thanks man!! i like your alien head ( Jordu Schell Tribute) too, nicely done !! :+1:

Here is just one human face sculpting that i did in 3 hours, trying to study how the human wrinkles grow and face anatomy, sculpting rendering all in Zbrush, i am still working on his cloth, color version coming soon!!
thanks for viewing
C & C are always welcome



Left side

Right side

![father1_all_front.jpg|589x828](upload://oofRvM6J3s36oEPr1dJkPx1b6hP.jpeg)![father2 side_all_left.jpg|629x848](upload://kOTHJoCkAi08fkqOmLHZD9UmSFa.jpeg)![father3 side2_all_right.jpg|653x872](upload://9nT0xExs2L3Pd3mXpBoSmBauY4H.jpeg)![Untitled-1.jpg|300x165](upload://mheHDOI5xwqYN5KCtsOIeg6BUsp.jpeg)

Great sculpt Frank,
Your last sculpt the human wrinckles :wink: is really nice.
Good job.


HAve you use an Alpha map for wrinckless?

That’s fantastic!

Are there eyelashes, or am I just imagining them?